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Competition visitors

Here are some of the visitors we had during the competition:
Emma McClarkin MEP (plus Chris Gough) in the new simulator.
Emma McClarkin MEP (plus Chris Gough) in the new simulator.

Sallie Barker, CCPR (Central Council of Physical Recreation)
Sallie Barker, CCPR (Central Council of Physical Recreation).

Laurence Shahlaei, England’s Strongest Man
Laurence Shahlaei, England’s Strongest Man.

Sarah goes solo

Sarah goes solo

Blériot centenary

Club member David Roberts, as Chairman of the Royal Aero Club of the UK, attended the centenary celebration of one of the major historic milestones in aviation history – the first aeroplane crossing of the Channel by Louis Blériot – at Dover on 25 July.

Dover Council put on a great event, including regenerating the 1909 landing site by Dover Castle, originally open fields but now surrounded by woods. Early Saturday morning a French pilot, M. Edmond Salis, flew a Blériot XI aeroplane across from France to land at the temporary aerodrome at the Duke of York’s Royal Military School. The following morning Mikael Carlson of Sweden flew his refurbished original Blériot XI on the same route.

David took with him the original propeller, belonging to the Royal Aero Club, from the 1909 aeroplane, and this was one of the centres of interest through the weekend.

A gala dinner in a marquee in the grounds of the magnificent Dover Castle was held on the Saturday, at which David was one of two after dinner speakers. The Aero Club of Pennsylvania presented the Royal Aero Club with a sculpture by Eric Lindbergh, grandson of Charles Lindbergh. The pre-dinner reception was interrupted rather loudly by the Red Arrows fly past, followed by the Patrouille de France in hot pursuit. Something about the French escorting the RAF out of the Calais airspace following the display there.

A splendid weekend tribute to one of the great pioneers of aviation and a credit to the people of Dover. If you are interested in learning more about Louis Blériot, just Google his name.
Mikael Carlson, pilot of his original Bleriot XI, with David Roberts at Dover.
Plaque on the original Bleriot XI propeller, owned by the Royal Aero Club

Cotswold Cycle Racing League

The Cotswold Cycle Racing League held their final event and prize giving at Aston Down on Tuesday 14th June. Here they are finishing.
Cotswold Cycle Racing League finish

15m Nationals

Here is a newsletter to members for the 15m Nationals to be held at Aston Down from 22nd to 30th August. The competition website is the place to go for news, results and pictures from the event.
Comp newsletter 100709.pdf

Kemble Air Show

Here are some pictures from Kemble Air Show
When I grow up I want to be a pilot Plenty of interest Guy Westgate not upsetting the tug This could get messy

40 Years Flying

David Roberts celebrated 40 years of gliding on Tuesday 19th May.
His first flight was 4 minutes in a T21 at Bicester.
The 40th anniversary flight was an out & return from Sisteron to Mont Blanc / Chamonix in a Duo Discus.
490km in 4h 15min.

Mike Pirie

Mike Pirie is on the mend and came to Aston Down today (26 April) for several flights.


Use of Track as a Short-cut

It has come to the Committees attention that an ever increasing number of members, some very senior, are using the track by the caravans as a short cut to the cross runway / peri track. This must STOP immediately. The farmer has kindly allowed us to use this track for the purposes of towing gliders only and all other use is against the agreement. The farmer will not tolerate continued abuse of this privilege. If we lose this track for the tow out of gliders then it will be very inconvenient for everyone. If you have any queries, please speak to a member of the Committee.

Even more simulator progress

Chris H (and Chris G, out of shot fitting the potentiometers to the control rods) hard at work fitting out the cockpit...


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