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Sat 11th Oct

Mist cleared enough to encourage us to get the kit out. The 2 Darrens took the first launch but had to pull off at 400 feet at they entered the patchy low cloud. A half hour wait paid off and then we were away. Lots of Students to fly, check flights to do and a one day course. Forced to take another break as lightning had been seen to the west. The dark clouds gathered and a small group standing by the bus nearly jumped out of their skins as a lightning strike forked to the ground, striking east of the gate and west of the tower at the same time! I've never seen people jump on to the bus so quickly! Anyway the storm passed and we carried on 'till sunset in a sparkly clear sky. (sorry did I say "spark"?)

First cold weekend

Saturday started with pouring rain and blustery winds but the skies cleared in the afternoon to allow some flying from 27 for the ODC and other members, Doug even managing a trip to Abergavenny. It wasn't good enough to entice the 5 instructors on their refreshers to fly so they retreated to the clubhouse to continue with briefings. Sunday was a bright day albeit cold and with a full complement of trial lessons, UWE students, instructor refreshers and club flying it was a busy day, filling several logsheets. The treasurer will be pleased.

First Solo

28 Sept. Another first solo today by Ethan Kent.

Saturday 27 Sept - Not a bad day

The day started well with all the two-seaters getting a wash. This was probably a good thing as thereafter they were all kept busy with club instruction, a group of UWE freshers having their first flights and visitors Brian and Tim on the one day course. For about an hour around mid-day it was properly thermic with climbs to cloud base at around 2,800'. Thereafter, it clouded over and much time was spent waffling around in 1/2-1 Knot thermals. Highlight of the day was circling at 2,500' sandwiched vertically between two buzzards. Many thanks to our winch drivers and also to Simon Buckley and Andrew Turk for helping out with instruction.

UWE Freshers Fair

Great day at UWE Freshers Fair 2014! Lots of new members signed up, so there will be many new faces at the airfield over the coming weeks when the students come up for their first flights. The club PW6 proved a popular attraction as usual...

A dismal start but...

A grey start to the day but all the two seaters were out of the hangar early. It remained cloudy for a while so a group of us gave KRX a makeover with a good clean and waxing and all the tape was replaced. Perhaps tomorrow's crew could do the same to KRU. The day got better and soarable although the visibility was poor, the ODC had a good day and hopefully produced at least one new member.
Thanks to everyone who helped.

Winch driver(s) needed for this Monday

Gill and Adrian have been trying to get a winch driver or two to cover this Monday (25th) as our professional winch driver is away for the day (he has to take some holidays during his six months !) and there is a course on. So far they have drawn a blank.

Whilst I could cover Monday morning up to 12.00 if necessary, I have to then leave to take an elderly and inform neighbour out for lunch and I cannot get back to winch before 15.30 or so.

Out of a club of 140 or so members, and whatever number of winch drivers I hope someone can help with this. Preferably for he 12.00 noon session onward at least.

I know the forecast is rain or at least showers, but it may well be flyable between the showers.

I'll stand clear to avoid the stampede.......

DGR / chairman

Only one winch for a while....!

Our "B" wInch is U/S and it may take a couple of weeks at least to get it back into service as it requires some replacement parts which are not immediately available and may need to be manufactured. The supplier Skylaunch is dealing with this as a matter of urgency. Their spare winch is in Holland but due to come back to the UK in about 10 days, after which it will be made available to us if our B winch is not ready.
So, in the meantime, extra special care in operating the A winch .....PLEASE !
As an adjunct, the committee will be considering proposals to have one winch go through a major overhaul this autumn, with the other one the following autumn.
DGR / chairman

More solos

We've had a load of new first solo flights. Here are some of them.

Andrew Fleming

Joe Vickerstaff

James Camm

Daniel van der Werf

Josh Sleeman

Task Week Day 3

A late start was forecast but a busy launchpoint with the course and trial lessons. The forecast showed a short window in the afternoon but tricky conditions around AD. The task was AST - Avebury - Chieveley - Whitchurch - AST and a number of gliders attempted it but I think only Tony Parker and yours truly made it round, not an easy day.

Good forecast for tomorrow, briefing at 09:30

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