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Sunday 24th June - Spartan

Reduced runway again today because of the Spartan event but we were still able to get around 1200' in the light north westerly. Not too much interest from club members, guess the event and a certain football match had some impact!. Having said that, John Petrie made the most of the opportunity for some extended instruction and Jon Huband was kept busy flying Jack, a newish junior member. Soaring flights up to the inversion level were available for most of the day with improving conditions later in the day, Phillipa got to know more about her new purchase, Robin D had another flight in the Ventus, the Kenley guys had some soaring in their Vega and Doug as usual, disappeared off somewhere. Thanks to everyone who helped today.

..Mike W.

20 June A busy club day

Winds 240/10 cloudbase about 1000ft QFE.

Operating on 21 until freshening winds forced a move onto 27.

The day started with the hanger shuffle, moving the Pawnee to the rear of the hanger and the single seaters to the front. Thanks guys for the help.

Grass cutting continued on an ad hoc basis, Lawrence Wood and Paul Baker volunteered to do some mowing rather than sit around waiting for the weather to perk up. We now have a large area cut, fantastic job. As usual more volunteers required so we dont burden a few number, an hour each will do it easily.

Barrie Taylor and Jim Eva spent the day polishing their skills in readiness for good soaring on Thursday and Friday. Chris Sanderson is now the "handling pilot" coping with the entire flight from take off to landing.

Roger Bagley got the club flying underway and Tony Hayes took over a little later. Drizzle stopped play around 1pm.

The instructor training started after normal flying had finished and continued well into the evening.

Preparation for the Spartan event progresses satisfactorily, the South field will be out of bounds for flying ops from tomorrow (Thursday).

The outlook for the next two days is excellent, fingers crossed the forecast is accurate.

19 June

Winds 230/15 cloudbases rising to around 1500ft.

The course continues, Barrie and Jim completed their launch failure refreshers and were off solo in the K21. Meanwhile Chris was learning the art of trimming.

Many thanks to David Hart for assisting on the winch and to Grant who is persevering with the shower refurbishment in readiness for Enterprise.

Grass cutting has started now. Volunteers to do an hour or so will be welcome, let me know if you are a qualified driver.

Pictures of David Hart in the truck and Jim Eva at the K21

18 June Course week starts

winds 260/20, visibility 30K cloud cover expected later (1000ft QFE) Wave

The Pawnee arrived and is now safely in the hanger ready for competition Enterprise.

The Spartan event preparation is now underway on the edge of the south field.

Barrie Taylor, Chris Sanderson and Jim Eva join us on the course this week.

Operating off runway 27, the guys had a good day of refreshers, the evening briefing was on effects of controls and threat and error management.

14 June end of another course week

Another very good course week.

Overall the weather was not as soarable as might be expected for June, but a couple of days showed some promise.

Simon Stannard filled his boots flying the K23. Simon from Derby and Lancs club is a solo pilot, getting closer to his bronze C.

Richard Kennett resoloed, having been on courses before finds it an effective way of getting concentrated flight training into the week.

Lolan Naicker went solo for the first time on the Friday. Well done to him.

David Hart got checked out as a winch driver under the training of Dave Taylor. david is thinking about adding birds nest soup to the menu?

It was good to see members taking advantage of midweek flying and using the club single seaters. Adrian Irwin gave the ASW19 an airing on Friday.

8 June last day of course Mick Keats go solo

winds 060/05. cloudbases starting at 1300ft QFE and forecast to clear with a lowish inversion.

4 people on the course this week Andrew and Mick Keats, Collin Boden and Lawrence Wood. Andrew and Mick got themselves up to solo standard and Mick went solo, sadly the grass collection operations started and Andrew was unable to finish off his training. Well done to both of these very nice guys.

Collin and Lawrence are both club members and spent their week developing their flying skills and flew more advanced exercises as part of their post solo training.

The week was not particularly good for soaring, but everyone had a lot of fun.

An eventful few days

generally very mixed weather with grey skies and low cloud and some very heavy rain.

The course activity continues,

Tuesday saw both Chris and Marek practising launch failures, while marek acted as interpreter while we tried tom teach Wytek (polish speaking ) to fly.

Richard and Tom were seen buried under the grass cutting tractor examining the faulty gearbox. Grant cut the grass to mark the area set aside for the farmers sillage.

Tuesday evening it was time for ENK to have a puncture on the main runway. The photo shows Marek attemting to re-inflate the wheel. Eventually the glider was moved to the side to let our expert Robin take a closer look.

Wednesday gave us very heavy rain and low cloud bases, meanwhile Robin repaired the inner tube and ENK was back in business.

Marek and Chris worked on their bronze theory in preparation for their written and oral tests.

Thursday had a dreadful forecast with warnings of significant storms. These did not materialise until later in the day---so we took advantage of the respite and worked on the skills test. Jules came out and flew his duvet for an hour or so, and described his flight with 2 red kites, really good fun. The glider was put away before the heavens opened at 4.30.

David Hart completed his first winch launches under the watchful eye of David .Chris Godding completed his bronze C exam, well done Chris.It was off to the Butchers arms for a well earned meal and a beer or two.

28 May Bank holiday and a new training course begins

misty to start with winds 060/05. low cloud most of the day, steadily rising to 1000ft.

The forecast improvement in cloudbase didnt materialise.

many thanks to Paul Lazenby Tim Brailsford and David Hart for your assistance, sadly Paul didnt get the weather conditions to take his friend flying and Tim didnt get the conditions for his hoped for soaring flight in the ASW19---he did however have the longest flight of the day (well 8 minutes is better than nothing).

The course had a good day, starting with the inevitable launch failure and low circuit training. Briefings on aircraft limitations and altimetry in preparation for the bronze C oral test. Bronze exams this week and preparation for the flying skills test.

meanwhile Richard and his shadow inspected and repaired various pieces of ground equipment (including my injured metal eagle---er inoors will be pleased). Dave Breeze got the mower out and gave the hangar field a trim---that was before the hydraulic hose came off! oh well back to the workshop.

We look forward to an improving day tomorrow.

24 May A fantastic training day

Low cloud to start rising to around 1200ft QFE

The Aim Higher team spent the day learning more cross country theory, a very good use of poor wather time.

Adrian (our chairman) spent time fettling his skylark 2.5 (at least that is what I think it is).

The course spent a few hours in the classroom before going out and consolidating launch failure practice as well as landing on a runway. James Purviss is now flying good safe unprompted flights and just learning how to deal with launch failure, Davishas now completed 10 solo flights.

Dinner was at the Bell in Sapperton . coincidentally the course and the Aim Higher group both chose the Bell. Cotswold Gliding Club took over the pub for the evening!

23 May, club day David Westcott goes solo

winds 040/10, starting overcast and going blue with thermals to 2500ft.

Roger Bagley got the show on the road in preparation for Tony Hayes. The club flying was steady with winter refreshers featuring highly on the schedule. The Wednesday crew did their normal excellent job, keeping the launch rate going---good teamwork, thanks chaps.

Our visitors from Burn gave their aircraft a further airing today, hard work but good fun.

David Westcott went solo for the first time, congratulations to him. David is another member from Dartmoor and is preparing to be able to fly his newly acquired K6. Meanwhile James Purviss is now flying unprompted circuits, very well done to him.

David Hart, a professional driving instructor, spent the afternoon with Sally Purviss teaching her the finer points of towing caravans and trailers. We are very fortunate to have an experienced towing specialist available to the club members.

The Aim Higher group spent time in the classroom learning the finer points of cross country flying.

Our CFI took the motor glider on a field landing training session---its all go!

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