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Harriers over Aston Down

A formation of four Harriers flew over Aston Down at 500' today during a tour of all the airfields that the Harrier has been associated with. We're not sure why they came to Aston Down but perhaps it was when the Central Flying School use AD as a diversion airfield and for touch and gos in the 70s.

A wintry view from the winch

Brrrr ... it was bitter outside. But in the winch the driver was as snug as a bug in a rug!

Tom & Sarah

Tom and Sarah
Congratulations to Tom and Sarah who got married on Saturday. Here they are celebrating in style.

Another first solo

Andrew Kingdon
Andrew Kingdon this time. He didn't say when his 16th birthday was.

Two first solos in a day

Tom Wilkinson, Brian Birlison and Sam Lazenby

Tom Wilkinson, Brian Birlison and Sam Lazenby

Two first solos in a day, Tom Wilkinson (left) on his 16th Birthday and Sam Lazenby (right) who was 16 a month ago with instructor Brian Birlison.

CGC at UWE Freshers' Fair

Students (the young looking ones) listen open mouthed as Eugene (the old geezer) waxes lyrical about the joys of soaring flight!

Pilot's Playground

This satellite picture shows the UK when the gliding conditions are very good (near perfect) (taken on the 31st of August). A few 500km tasks were flown from Aston Down going as far east as Newmarket and as far north as Gainsborough. Note the cumulus cloud following the high pressure system centered on the UK.

Pilot's Playground

Pilot's Playground

Guillermo's first solo

Guillermo Sánchez flew his first solo today.

First Solo

Peter Page flew his first solo today.
Peter Page

Planeur sur l'herbe

A recent cross country flight in the blue by Eugene ended here near the Fire Service College at Moreton-in-Marsh.

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