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Royal Aero Club award for Mike Randle

Congratulations to club member and instructor Mike Randle who on Tuesday 13th May was awarded a Royal Aero Club Diploma by HRH The Duke of York for his services to gliding, and in particular over 50 years of instructing. A photo of the presentation is at:

The Diploma ranks between the RAeC Gold and Silver Medals so is a very high recognition of an amazing contribution by Mike over half a century. A copy of the Awards ceremony brochure will be placed in the clubhouse for everyone to view.

Office cover

As many will know or have realised, Gill has been away from the office part of this last week due to illness. She may be off work for a bit longer and so we are looking into getting cover for the office. Please bear with us. In the meantime we send Gill our best wishes for a quick and full recovery.

DGR / chairman

Farnborough Airspace

The proposals for a very large airspace grab by TAG Farnborough, if successful, would be a catastrophic outcome for the gliding and light aviation communities. Whilst Aston Down is not directly affected, and most CGC pilots do not venture beyond Lasham, the principle of what is could happen is important to us. Therefore I would encourage you to write a response - in measured, polite terms please - by close of play this Sunday. As it is forecast to be rather wet part of this weekend, you should have plenty of time to do this. Just look at the BGA website and follow the links for advice and guidance from the BGA on how to respond. To see how serious this matter is, and read a very high quality response, please read the attached / linked response from the Light Aircraft Association.

David Roberts
Chairman, CGC

Tuesday - Course day 2

They operated with hand-held radios to communicate with the winch because of further trouble with the bus.
Thanks to the all-day efforts of Simon L. and Jonathan H. it was going again Monday evening. This morning residual water in the fuel caused further trouble so after taking advice it was left where it had ground to a halt pending professional attention. It is important not to continue efforts to start it when this happens or serious damage could ensue.

CGC at Lechlade Duck Race

Thanks to Jonathan Apperley, Philip Mead, Darren Edge, Matt Page and Emil Benson for taking the ASW19 to the Lechlade Duck Race, where several thousand people were gathered for a sunny bank holiday day out. Lots on interest, leaflets handed out, and many Dads - and a few Mums - saying "now the kids are growing up / I have more funds etc I want to try gliding". Watch out for new members. The top prizes for the Duck Race - gliding courses - were donated by CGC. A successful day.

Rockpolishers weekend

It seems to have been a successful weekend at AD with the "Rockpolishers" event, even tough we only had two visiting clubs (Nympsfield and Long Mynd) to compete against. Lots of XC flying was done with meaningful distances, and the airfield was generally busy. We had a couple of problems to cope with. Firstly, because the mild winter has produced long grass earlier than normal we asked the farmer to cut before the weekend, but the cut could only be done Friday due to weather. And so the rotation and pick up of grass (for silage) was done over Sat and Sun, interrupting launching a bit.
Secondly, the bus went U/S because someone missed reading the notice on the diesel fuel filling point, saying 'Warning - Diesel only', and filled the diesel tank with water from the pipe at the tower. The bus is stranded on the runway and absolutely no attempt should be made to move it, or further damage will be caused. We plan emergency help to come on Tuesday to sort out the engine and fuel system. Fingers crossed it can be rectified and quickly.
There is a course running this week.
DGR / chairman

Cross country in the ASH25

Are you solo, bronze or silver?
Ken Lloyd is again offering cross country flights in the ASH25 throughout the Summer.
It is hoped to manage at least a local 50k or 100k or even a 500k if the weather cooperates.
The only cost is the launch fee.
Names on the list at the top of the stairs in the clubhouse.

Good Friday

And it was good. Mike Oliver set ambitious tasks which a number attempted and and several completed.
Kevin Russell was deprived of Silver distance for his successful out & return to Edgehill in the ASW19 by logger failure.
The week's course concluded with a conversion to the Astir for Lars, our regular visitor from Sweden who went solo earlier in the week.
A successful UWE development week would have concluded with a solo for Josh, their new secretary, if he had had a medical.
There was a shortage of instructors for club members. Perhaps it is time we had an instructor roster for Bank Holidays.

Sunday 13th April - Sunstroke

A glorious spring day with wall to wall sunshine (after five weeks in Africa without a problem, I managed to get sun burnt at AD).
First launch was a 10.10 with 4kts to 2,200. This encouraged the private owners and there was soon a queue of glass.
By early afternoon there were some stonking thermals, but a lot of people struggled with the equally strong sink.
There were several late winter refreshers to complete, which resulted in the two-seaters spending a good proportion of the day getting retrieved from the far end of the airfield. Early in the afternoon, with two of us at the winch end, we figured it would be easy if the mountain came to Mohamed, and insisted every one swapped ends to join us.
Matt Page converted to the ASW19, resulting in an impressive grin.
Towards the end of the day there was a radio call from John McWilliams in the Pik " Am at 10,000' over the Black Mountains. Don't wait up". (We fed his dinner to the dog).

News From Portmoak

So far we have had 4 flyable days and today Friday is looking good ( ridge and thermal ), so far no classic wave but Tuesday produced some but with rapidly closing gaps it was only for the fool hardy. Sunday and Tuesday enabled Daren Edge and Jonathan Apleby to get site and ridge checks completed, Congratulations to Jonathan for completing his five hours yesterday.
Frank Birlison in his shiny refinished glider along with the rest of us have been making good use of the conditions to practice our thermaling in the narrow Scottish thermals

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