RIAT 2019 airspace

The Royal International Air Tattoo takes place at RAF Fairford from 17th to 22nd July.

The following OpenAir (.txt) and SeeYou (.cub) airspace files have been prepared for RIAT 2019 which include the exemption to permit glider flying at Aston Down. These files should be used with reference to the two AICs - M064/2019 and M095/2019 - alongside the Letter of Agreement with CGC, all of which must be read by pilots before flying during the period of the RIAT restrictions (17-22 July).

The Aston Down exemption area permits glider flying up to 3600ft AMSL (3000ft AAL) within a defined area north west of Kemble ATZ between Cherington and Sapperton. The airspace file therefore divides the northern sector into two sections, the upper section from 3600ft AMSL to FL85 covering the entire RA(T) area, and the lower section from the surface to 3600ft AMSL covering the RA(T) area excluding the agreed exemption area for Aston Down north west of Kemble ATZ.

Please note that this year there is an additional and very large area of airspace to our north (see AIC M095/2019) in place for about an hour on the 19th and 20th to allow a large formation of aircraft to assemble and display.