Conditions of our To Solo Package

  1. Club membership is included for one year from the date of joining. At the end of this period membership is charged at prevailing club rates.
  2. Normal soaring / winch launching costs are included within the package up until (and including) the first solo flight is completed, or your 100th launch, or two years from joining, whichever occurs first. For quick learners we guarantee that a minimum of 45 instructional launches will be included in the package, even if they are taken after the first solo flight.
  3. All CGC charges (other than in 2 above) are applicable at normal club rates.
  4. Aerotow launching is not included within this package and will be charged at normal club rates.
  5. Each new member is entitled to a One-Day Introduction to Gliding Course. All other courses will be chargeable at club rates.
  6. To Solo packages are non-transferrable.
  7. To Solo packages are non-refundable, except due to extenuating circumstances with the written approval of the CGC committee.