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1st January 2019 Happy New Year

The honours for first flight of the new year went to Robin Birch, test flying the new (to us) K8 - an aircraft older than any of us on airfield. He managed to get it down in one piece and several others tried it out. The rest of us enjoyed aerotowing the K21 behind the newly uprated Euro Fox. Here's hoping for a great soaring year.

Saturday 29th January Part 2

Here is K13 FWB, well the starboard wing anyway, showing Fraser and Gerry attaching fabric to the refurbished wooden structure. We hope to have FWB back in time for soaring in the summer.


Sunday 18th November

We were more hopeful of being able to fly today, but the persistent low stratus made this impossible so we cancelled flying at midday. We used the morning to DI the cables and run through the Winter Refresher presentation.

Sat 29th Jan

11.15 Defeated by low cloud, flying for the day is cancelled.

Samtsirhc yppah

In reverse order; Sat 22nd was actually a nice flying day. LRT and the K23 came out to play, joined by the “new” Pirat syndicate. Twenty-odd flights done. Thanks to winch and truck volunteers. Good to meet Doug from The Park who dropped in to fly with us. Have a jolly good Christmas Day.

Happy Christmas!

The curse of Red Sunday strikes again.....cloudbase at QFE minus 50' and fine drizzle in the wind.

Flying weather forecast today means .... ?

Met office aviation forecast is showing 310deg / 30-45kts at midday which suggests best to cancel the trial lessons (which I'm in the process of doing) but waiting to see if it calms down for Club flying. We'll get the kit out and DI'd in case we get a weather opportunity but I'm not that optimistic - so if you make the journey, be prepared for some "out-and-returns" to the kettle and maybe an early scrub.

Paul Lazenby

Saturday December 8th the end

Well we managed three flights. All safely back in the hangar now.

Mind you, the sun has just come out again.... I wonder?

Saturday December 8th

Strong winds and forecast rain have not stopped us getting the kit out.

Let's see what happens


Sunday 25th November

A useful training day, especially for Tom Knight of UWE who went solo, seen here being congratulated by his instructor.

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