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Contact us if you have any unanswered questions about gliding, our experiences or courses. Maybe you just wish to join our happy band on a gliding course or as a club member.

Office Telephone: 01285 702100
Control Tower (member's club house): 01285 702101

Cotswolds Gliding Club members and gliding course students enjoying time in the Cotswolds
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If you are coming to the airfield this postal address will lead you to the airfield BUT NOT the right entrance. See below for specific Visitor Information.

Our office is staffed Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday, 9am to 3pm.. Our friendly team will deal with your enquiries and help you with booking the dates and times for air experience flights or gliding courses.

At other times you can ring the control tower where a club member should be able to help you with any general enquiry.

We actively encourage visitors to our airfield, operation and facilities,  however, we do ask that you familiarise yourself with the directions and our airfield safety briefing before coming.

Your safety and wellbeing is important to all of us while at the airfield and we want to ensure that you enjoy your visit when you are here.

Before you go, these pages may answer questions you may have....

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