2015 blog

Games Night will be a Twist Off

Meet in the marquee at 8.30pm.

You will need teams of 4 and a team name. In addition to the prize for the winning team, the best team name wins a Jaeger bomb for team members courtesy of Sam the barman.

Day scrubbed

and at 12.30pm there will be a competition coaching briefing session in the briefing hangar

News from briefing

As you can see from the picture, there is quite a lot of weather available today. We haven't scrubbed because after the hour or so of (heavy) rain that should arrive later this morning, there is a chance that the air behind is usable, depending on how fast the front moves through and so on. A decision will be taken by 12.

Andy Holmes has arrived. Having asked the opinion of the amassed competitors (who all said 'Yes'), he and the other coaches will run a coaching session, should we get any more scrubbed days...

Also there is a new fund for instructor training! Becoming an instructor is a great way to broaden your skills, share your passion for the sport and stay current during the winter. This is what the BGA website says about it:

'The Honourable Company of Air Pilots and the BGA are working together to provide funding for a number of young gliding instructor training bursaries. These are available to help glider pilots under the age of 25 on application to qualify as either a Basic Instructor or Assistant Instructor. The BI training bursaries are £500 each. The Assistant Instructor training bursaries are £1000 each (and no BGA course fee).'

More details and how to apply can be found here: https://members.gliding.co.uk/library/juniors/hon-co-air-pilots-instruct...


It isn't raining (yet). Briefing at 10. Don't grid.

Movie night update from Saz

9pm in the bar. There will be popcorn and a film.

Monday is cancelled - hurrah!

With absolutely no apologies to those of you currently at work. On the upside, you probably aren't sitting on a soggy airfield.

Anyway given the forecast, today is scrubbed. The few pilots who have rigged gliders have been advised to put them away ahead of the anticipated wind tomorrow.

Tonight is Chilli night, followed by Movie Night.

De-brief after briefing

Day 1 debrief will take place straight after briefing

Monday morning

It is already raining. Briefing at 10. I was going to say that there's no need to wake up yet, but the Christen Eagle has just started up and that's reasonably noisy.

Please don't grid before briefing.

Look at the weather

We've moved the webcam so the view isn't completely obscured by a tent.

The Challenge Cup

This from Saz

Hello guys!! Challenge cup tonight, meet in the bar at 8pm if you want the chance to win beer! Get into your teams (not too big) and then we will do a time trial to see who gets around the task the fastest to win the crate of beer that is up for grabs!