2015 blog

1st launch for the Regionals will be at 13.15 on Task A
1st launch not before 13.00
1st launch not before 12.45

We've only got a short Task A available today. The snifter is up. We await a window....

Logger retrieval

Loggers will be available for collection in Control until 9.30. After that they will be taken to the briefing hangar.

Good morning and welcome to Day 4

Slightly different today.

Regionals at the front of the grid. Grid before briefing, north end. Briefing at 10.00.

Finishers, landouts and DNS

We have all three and what sounds like a mini-gaggle of finishers just coming in now.

(DNS = did not start)

Regionals news

Unfortunately a rather large example of the 'you may come across a shower today' showers has drifted by to the south of Aston Down, rather rudely slamming the weather window shut in the face of most of the Regionals pilots as it did so. They're currently drinking tea and gnashing teeth in the clubhouse.

It's just started raining here now, so please don't go thinking we're enjoying lazing around in the sunshine whilst the comp pilots are busy racing round in stonking conditions - it simply isn't that sort of a competition. If you're at work, you're probably still in the best place.

BGA competition coaching two seaters

Give young pilots the opportunity to gain valuable experience prior to taking part in the competition in future years. You probably can't see the gaggle of gliders above, they're almost too small to see today, they're so high.

BGA 2 seaters and Regionals will stream launch
1st launch at 11.15 on task A