2015 blog

Briefing news

In other news, worthy Dick of the Day nominees included everyone who parked a locked car at the back of the grid (on the end of the runway) yesterday. We needed to clear the runway swiftly so that it was available for use by gliders. If you are not comfortable leaving your car unlocked, then please do not bring it to the grid.

However the actual winner was Andy Cockerell, nominated by Pete Hibbard for getting 'SKH PH' embroidered on his T-shirt.

Please grid at the south end by 12, 1st launch not before 12.30. Task A
It's the last day already

As forecast, it started raining this morning. Briefing will be at 11. There are currently no instructions to grid.

Special guest

Today we were pleased to welcome 101 year old Jill Farquarson, who was an Air Transport Auxiliary pilot based at Aston Down during WW2. She presented the day prizes at briefing and then went for a flight with a relatively youthful Mike Randle. The combined age in the glider was 181 years, which we reckon must be a record.


4 Regionals pilots went. They landed out.

In other news, preparations for Quiz Night are well underway. To take part, you will need teams of 4 - 6, with a suitable G-reg. Meet in the bar at about 8ish.

It's been quite busy, Juniors have been scrubbed in the air

Most of them have chosen to stay airborne

The Juniors launch is now underway
1st launch for Juniors will start at 13.45
They're off!