Your First Glider Flight?

Experience Your Glider Flight With Us

Want to experience what it is like to fly like a bird? Take a trip in our two-seat glider with a qualified instructor and feel the exhilaration of unpowered flight. Book for one or for a group.

Getting In The Air

Flying in a glider is a great way to experience the sensation of silent flight, with stunning views of the Cotswold countryside.

We offer a range of experience packages that you can buy to get you, a loved one or a group of you up in the air. Whether you are considering trying gliding for the first time, giving a gift or wanting to organise something different for a group experience.

Our fleet of modern aircraft and team of experienced instructors are here to make your experience as special as possible, ensuring that you receive something that will be memorable for months and years afterwards.

glider being aerotowed behind a light aircraft

The Cotswolds Landscape

Located in the heart of the Cotswolds, our ideal location makes this an experience to remember.

Experiencing the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty from the air is a must, with breath-taking views that never fail to deliver.

During the flight you will see the River Severn to the West, the Cotswold hills to the North East and on a very good day catch views into Wales and even glimpse the Severn Bridges. Our location near the village of Minchinhampton even provides vistas of Royal residences and other local areas of interest. Our glider experience packages give you the choice of how much time you want to spend taking in the beautiful Cotswold scenery.

River Severn looking South from a Glider

Preparing To Fly

You will be introduced to one of our qualified instructors who will be flying you in one of our modern two seat gliders.

Your safety is of paramount importance and your gliding experience will start with a briefing to explain all of the aspects of your flight and introduce you to the glider. They will ensure that you are comfortable and at ease before you fly. We fly all ages from 9 to 90 (even centurions have experienced gliding for the first time).

Strapped in and ready to go, your instructor will take control and get you into the air to experience your flight.

Up In The Air

Once up in the air you really can get a bird's eye view of the Cotswolds.

You have the option of sitting back and enjoying the view or if you want to understand a little more about how gliders fly, you can be invited to learn the basics of controlling a glider.

If you want to take photos or video, we can give you some ideas to get some amazing pictures.

Your instructor is there to make sure you enjoy your flight as much as possible and answer any questions you might have during your trip. 

Glider launch at Cotswold Gliding Club

Group Flying

Organise a gliding experience as part of a celebration, as a work event or just a bunch of friends wanting to do something different. 

Gliding as a group is a fun experience, especially if you are organising it as part of a wider event celebration or other team experience. We are able to accommodate parties of people together, flying your group over a few hours on a weekend morning, afternoon or even weekday evenings.

Our team is there to make sure you enjoy your gliding experience as enjoyable as possible and ensure your group has a memorable day or evening out.

Group gliding course at Cotswold Gliding Club

We Offer Three Different Gliding Experience Options

Bronze Experience

Get Up In The Air


  • Introductory Flight -  approx.10 minutes
  • Take control or just admire the view 
  •  Bring a camera if you wish
  • Voucher valid for 12 months
  • Treat yourself or give a gift

Silver Experience

Get Up In The Air & Take a Breath


  • Introductory Flight -  Around 20 minutes
  • Take control or just admire the view 
  •  Bring a camera if you wish
  • Voucher valid for 12 months
  • Treat yourself or give a gift

Gold Experience

The Ultimate Gliding Experience


  • Fly a mile high in the sky
  • Introductory Flight - Around 30 minutes
  • Take control or just admire the view 
  •  Bring a camera if you wish
  • Voucher valid for 12 months
  • Treat yourself or give a gift