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New Bus Lighting System

Airfield Blog - Thu, 12/31/2020 - 12:38

On Wednesday we commissioned a new radio and signalling system on the bus, replacing the old and unmaintainable system which has served us well for many years.

The new system is a slimmer version of the old system with a few new features. Firstly, winch and airband radios have been moved and are now hanging down from the roof of the bus, along with the PA system and the main power switch. It is worth noting that the handset for the winch radio is on the desk and the handset for the airband radio has been mounted on the roof, to avoid any confusion.

The light controls now consist of 3 separate buttons instead of the rotary control. These are a yellow button labelled 'take up slack', a green button labelled 'all out' and a red button labelled 'stop'. The take up slack and all out buttons must be held down for the signal to remain on, with the stop button being a latching button that you rotate to turn off. The idea behind this is to stop people from setting the lights to 'take up slack' or 'all out' and then getting distracted and leaving the lights on whilst not looking at the signaller.

Please note that the two emergency stop buttons on the side of the bus and the external buzzer are not yet connected (we ran out of time and daylight). These will be reconnected as soon as possible.

A short guide on how the new lights operate will be available on the bus soon. If you find any issues with the new system then please let Max Lazenby or Matt Page know.

Saturday the 12th December

Airfield Blog - Sun, 12/13/2020 - 10:42

Forecast to be the better day of the weekend but with a reasonable breeze from the west so operations were set up on runway 27. Mike O was up early checking the cables and then spent the morning delivering some winch refresher training. The K23 was in use for most of the day with the 2 seaters delivering normal club training and check flights. The conditions enticed Tomasz to make a run for the ridge and the DG500 syndicate took it in turns to fly each other around, Geoff's Pilatus also took to the air. A brief but cold shower halted operations during the afternoon after which the wind abated a little and we continued to fly until the sun disappeared behind the treetops.
Thanks to Mike O, Alastair and Peter L for driving the winch and to everyone else who helped.