K21 Glider at Cotswold Gliding Center
K21 Glider at Cotswold Gliding Center
ASK 13 training glider
ASK 13 training glider
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Your Adventure Starts Here

Why Gliding?

Gliding offers the unique opportunity for people of all ages, abilities and budgets to experience flying in a social, safe and rewarding environment. The sport of gliding has been around for many years and has been the gateway for young people to get into aviation and older people to learn a skill they never thought was possible.

Why Glide in the Cotswolds?

Cotswold Gliding club is based at Aston Down Airfield, situated between Cirencester and Stroud. We are one of the largest gliding clubs in the UK with nearly 150 members. Our diverse membership and range of opportunities makes the club a fantastic place to experience gliding, and for those who wish, to develop their skills and become skilled pilots and ultimately instructors.

If you have never experienced gliding, this is the place to give it a try.


Never flown in a Glider? Take a glider experience flight with one of our qualified instructors, it is an experience you won't forget!


Want to learn the basics? Our gliding courses allow you to take control and learn the skills to become a glider pilot.


Has the flying experience and low cost hooked you? Become a member, fly solo and get immersed in the sport of gliding.

Gliding Experience

A gliding flight over the Cotswolds is the perfect way to experience the exhilaration that comes from unpowered silent flight. Sit back and enjoy the view or even have a go at the basics of learning to fly.

Learn to Fly

Take an air experience flight with cotswold gliding club

Learn to Fly with our tailored one day or week courses delivered by our experienced gliding instructors. From beginner to advanced tuition, our courses offer a range of training options for your gliding future.

Become a Member

Join Cotswold Gliding Club

Cotswold Gliding Club provides you the opportunity to fly regularly and affordably, supporting you to go far in the sport of gliding. From Juniors through to Seniors, our club makes flying accessible to all ages.

Suzie's Story

Suzie started gliding at Upavon in May 2018, going solo for the first time a year later. Recalling how she felt on that day "slightly terrified of the prospect of going solo but I was totally elated when I did and that I could fly on my own". Since that day she has also been flying at Cotswold Gliding Club and Suzie has not looked back!

"My next ambition is aerobatics once I have my Bronze 'C' "

Bronze 'C' is a certificate of achievement for new glider pilots 

Female gliding student learning to fly a K21 at Cotswold Gliding Club

The Sky is the Limit for Jack

14 year old Jack has his sights firmly set. Having loved aviation from an early age, Jack joined the club through our Cadet Scheme, which provides a lower cost route for younger aspiring pilots to be trained and fly solo. Jack's love of gliding became quickly apparent and he soloed in no time, all at the age of 14! Jack's ambition is to follow his fathers footsteps into aviation and is looking forwards to advancing his flying skills with the club.