Second lockdown

The airfield is closed to visitors until at least 3rd December 2020.  Our office remains open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9.30am till 2.30 pm.

COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Update regarding First Flights (aka ‘Trial Lessons’), One Day Courses and 5-Day Courses

24th October 2020

The Club recommenced flying operations on 16th May mainly for pilots flying solo. But we have now successfully delivered Five-Day Courses since early September. We have made decisions now about the return of two-seat flying in club gliders for visitors, with an instructor. Using Government advice re Covid-19 we shall be resuming two-seat flying with a requirement for both pilots to wear FFP3 masks. In addition to this precaution there are a variety of protocols which must be observed when coming to the Club and when getting in and out of, and flying in a two-seat glider.

Autumn and winter offer some fantastic opportunities to fly. Often the air is calmer without the heat of the sun and the visibility crystal clear providing views into Wales, Herefordshire and beyond.
We have a note of a number of people who wish to fly now that we are back operating two-seat gliders, so we shall be contacting you to see if they are able to attend the Club on a weekday or only a weekend. We need to contact you if you have not been in contact with us since before the lockdown in March 2020. In many cases we have details of the donor of a gift of a ‘First Flight’ or One Day Course, but mostly we do not have the contact details of the person to whom the gift was made and who is therefore wanting to book a flight. For anyone in that category, whether donor or recipient of a gift voucher, we would like to hear from you so that we can have a record of who to contact to arrange a flight or flights.

Please write to Gill at using a subject “First Flights” or “One Day Courses” as appropriate; or call Gill on 01285 702100 between 09.45 and 14.15 hours on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and alternate Saturdays to provide this information and make a booking.

The validity and expiry dates applicable to First Flight (Trial Lesson) vouchers and One Day Courses will be extended for at least the same period as the period during which the Covid pandemic is affecting people’s ability to make a flight booking and / or attend the Club.

If you can come during the working week or at short notice that would help us reduce the backlog and provide more capacity for those who can only come on weekends. In order to manage the bookings and attendance and trying to avoid aborted journeys when the weather is doubtful, we have set up a “WhatsApp” group through which we plan to contact people with flight bookings 24 to 48 hours beforehand to confirm or otherwise the flights going ahead. Details of the WhatsApp will be provided when making a booking.

The Club will be as flexible as possible in making sure flights and courses can be provided to everyone who has already paid in full, or has paid a deposit for a five-day course, in an extended validity period. The Club will also take into account the fact that, in due course, to book within extended validity periods may mean booking flights during the Winter rather than the Spring, Summer or early Autumn as perhaps intended originally. The Club will therefore be flexible in accommodating visitors’ requirements if they wish to make flight bookings beyond an extended validity period.

We are now taking bookings for 2021. Please contact Gill at the office (details above) to find out more.

When coming to fly we require you to wear an FFP3 mask. We can supply these when you arrive but they will need to be paid for in advance when booking as unfortunately they cost more than just a few pounds. Alternatively you may bring with you your own mask but it must be an FFP3. In addition Gill will provide a written briefing of the other ‘anti-Covid’ actions you will need to take before coming to the Club for your flight, and also what to do on the day.

Please bear in mind that airfields are open to the elements, and this is particularly so in autumn and winter. So come with plenty of outer garments and suitable footwear to keep warm!

We look forward to seeing you at the Club soon.

David Roberts

Cadet Scheme

Learn to fly for less than a fiver a week!

Cotswold Gliding Club is looking for four young people from the Stroud and Cirencester areas to join our cadet scheme.