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12 April Another busy day

Winds 040/10. Cloudbases rising to 600ft QFE

The day started in the classroom with a briefing on field selection and cross country navigation.

More exam work, congratulations to Steve Wilkinson on passing his bronze C exam. Colin Stringer and David Hart both completed the annual refreshers, so a good use of time for them.

The afternoon was filled with more power failure training and practice. Everyone is now feeling very comfortable and confident with the procedure.

Cloud bases came back down to zero feet, time to pack up and retire to the Woolpack in Slad for a pint of Old Spot and a fantastic dinner.

The pictures show the team photo from 3 years ago to the day with Mike and Steve in summer gear, and the contrasting picture with Colin Stringer after just landing.

The weather should be a little brighter tomorrow, the course may even get to the top of the winch launch!

11 April Exam day

winds were 070/10 with low cloud again.

A good day for Steve and Mike to tackle the bronze exam. The group are now super current dealing with power failures on a winch launch. David hart and Colin Stringer have now completed their winter refreshers.

Many thanks to John McWilliam who sorted out the tow out gear for the K21. Roger Bagley took the weather opportunity to have some discussions with the industrial area management to ensure the police dog training is undertaken in safe zones on the field.

Mole traps have been reset in the South field (east end)

The next task will be to get the buggies up to power so they can pull the 2 seaters reliably.

The day ended with a briefing on rigging and derigging.

10 April and another cloudy day.

Low cloud winds 090/10 but no drizzle.

Cloud bases eventually went to 1000ft QFE, in time to get david Hart, Colin and Steve off for a solo circuit.

The course guys are prepared to keep going come what may. The pictures show the team giving the buggy a helping hand to move the K21 and Davids suggested alternative winch towing vehicle!

9 April day 1 of course No 4

The weather is very mixed with patches of light rain all day and cloud bases rising to 900ft QFE (before going back down again). Winds light easterly.

A NOTAM creating class D around kemble active late morning.

Welcome to Steve Wilkinson and Mike Bosley both serial course members and David Hart and Mike Stringer both club members.

Thanks again to Chris Power for helping David---David has a strained shoulder and lifting cables doesnt help the healing process.

Launch failures were the order of the day and everyone practised power failures and simulated breaks and had a demonstration of an ultra low failure. Afterwards we retired to the briefing room and prepared for the bronze C paper.

Club work is never ending, Bron was in the office helping the paperwork catchup and David Roberts and Adrian Giles were busy discussing airfield management with the Farmer.

5 April Sportability day

The best day of the week. Winds started light NW and then changed to southerly later.

Strong thermals for most of the day and several single seat owners ventured out. The K23 and Astir also came out of the hangar.

Class D airspace around Kemble held us up for a little while in the morning, and then we could get cracking.

The course continues to progress well, Gemma had a session in the motor glider with Gerry to practice her circuits, while Tony and Andy tried to wear out the Astir.

The Sportability group flew with Mike Weston and his team and used the aerotow, lots of smiling faces.

The course finally adjourned to the Canal Tunnel for dinner.

4 April Weathers here, wish were nice

Winds starting 190/25 and shifting to 270/15 by the end of the day. Low cloud and rain brightening in the afternoon.

The field still a little soft, so we are taking great care not to damage the surface with vehicles.

Winch Driver david had a day off, many thanks to Chris Power and Eric who stood in to cover him. launch failure practice during the morning after a briefing on tephigrams am. Thanks also to Robin who has now unravelled the mystery of ENK canopy closing problem and that is now back in service.

looking forward to a reasonable day tomorrow.

3 April Soggy Airfield Operations off the hard runway

Winds 220/25 with low cloudbases to start and rising to 3000ft and strong thermals for a while.

We welcome Tony onto the course to join the others. Tony is a silver C pilot who has not flown for 12 months.

Well done Andy who is now flying the Astir as part of his bronze C development and prep for the GFT.

The evening groups have just started and it was good to see Paul Lazenby ready to get going after the course flying day had finished.

Class in the evening covered winch launching and how to reduce the risk of yaw on the ground run.

Nile is seen here coming to the end of his ground run.

2 April time for a retread, and welcome to course No3

low cloud and winds 180/20 and some light shower.

Welcome Gemma Jefferies, Andy Davey and Nile Austin. the morning was spent in the briefing room looking in some detail at how the controls work and their effects in flight.

Meanwhile David didnt think the tyre on the K21 wing dolly was good enough for an MOT. I suppose it was worn through the tread, canvas and the inner tube has long since worn through. We now have a posh new tyre, much betterer, wheely good.

After lunch the course guys took to the air, learning how to deal with cloud, and landing on a tarmac runway. Everyone did amazingly well.We look forward to approach control tomorrow.

30 March and Gerald is back!!

rain showers forecast throughout the day, winds 150/10.

The course guys ventured out in the rain for their last day. High spirits and laughs all day, Matt had a whole load of young visitors, curious to see what he was up to at the airfield.

Matt was ready for solo but the weather didnt play ball so it is always better to be down here wishing you were up there, than being up there wishing you were down here. The other course members are also now very close to solo.

Rain finally stopped play and we packed up after a very interesting day.

Gerald has been spotted, Im sure its because David gives him his sandwiches.

29 March When it was was really wet

Winds 150/20 at 2000 ft. No rain until late am and then heavy showers.

Good fun flying with 800ft cloudbases while the course guys started to polish their skills. They are all now flying unprompted flights.

Winch Driver David (bailey) took some arty pictures for you to see.

The day finished with dinner in the clubroom and a few beers, while David nursed his cold----bless.

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