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14 May Blue thermal day

Winds 350/10, CAVOK, strong thermals from 11 am.

Kemble Class D airspace restricted activity during part of the afternoon, but otherwise a quiet day

Course No 9 started today. Welcome Pete Harvey, Chris Owen and Adrian Irwin. All 3 are now solo, and we are hoping the ASW19 will be back on line for them sometime during the week.

Andy Smith managed the Mynd and back, well done in blue conditions. Mostly pilots stayed local with lengthy soaring flights.

Looks like more of the same tomorrow.

Chris Owen is seen here packing up after a productive first day of the course.

Tuesday 8th May

Temperatures were much more pleasant today after the searing heat of the previous few days. Robert, Richard and John, all from the IOW are progressing well on the course. The farmer dropped in and cut the grass today (hurrah!) so after removing grass from ENK's nose wheel a few times we opted for runway landings. Hopefully the grass will be picked up today. Tony Parker conducted some refresher training with Shobdon's CFI, giving the tractor driver a scare in the process!

1 May Silver distance, a first solo, and bronze exam completed

Winds 220/25, good visibility and a few showers later in the day.

Well done to Stephen Fletcher, a pilot from Dartmoor GC who has completed his silver distance flight, well done to Rex Lampier on his first solo, and Martin Capps a pilot from Usk who passed his bronze C exam.

It was good to see a bunch of club members who decided today would be a better flying day than Wednesday , smart move! Thanks for all your help guys.

The K21 (LRT) was delivered back today, the workshop has more steelwork on it, and the motor gliders were out in force giving themselves an airing.

Picture shows Steve having a senior moment, putting little bits in a bin with big holes in it?

30 April some great soaring

winds 360/25 and gusty in the morning. strong thermals pm.

The grass outside the hangar is now trimmed, and it looks great.

The course is underway with Mike Bennett, Rex Lampier and Martin Capps, welcome also to Stehen Fletcher who has joined us with his own open cirrus. Mike and Martin have now gone solo in the K21 and are working on their bronze C, some good saoring flights were had pm.

The workshop has now sprung up, steelwork emerging from the mud below.

We look forward to another good day tomorrow.

27 April turned into some good soaring

winds 250/25 with the risk of Cunims.

Operating from 27 for the 2nd time this week. Soaring became excellent later in the day with a mix of blue thermals and wave.

It was good to see Lesley at the launchpoint, complete with delicious nibbles for everyone.

Colin Stringer took advantage of the offer to fly the ASW19---he didnt need telling twice.

A couple private owners braved the weather and came out to join us, sadly Adrian Giles spent the best part of the day doing essential fettling to his glider.

The day ended with dinner at the Canal Tunnel.

Picture of the ASW19 ready to go and a view from 4000ft QFE.

25 April Windy club day

Forecast winds 250/25 with gusts. risk of showers good visibility.

The airfield was very busy with drones at one end and cycling races in the evening.

Good to see some club members out braving the winds, thanks for the help guys.

The course continues well with Brian McDermid now re soloed, Brian Goodspeed getting back into flying after an 8 year layoff and newbie Philip Orchard now flying the entire flight under the direction of the instructor.

Gerald is back and knows a soft touch when he sees one. Winchie David now has to share his lunch!

19 April

A very warm day. Blue. winds finally 240/05.

The launchpoint was busy with pilts giving their gliders an airing.

Thanks Roger for giving the K23 a good wash and clean out.

The course continues well, pilots making progress.

Tony Parker had a visitor from Usk, completing his BI rating.

Climbs were possible to around 3000ft QFE better than predicted.

18 April club day and cycle race

winds 190/20 cloudbases rising from 1500ft to 3500ft

A busy club day with many pilots trying to complete their annual refreshers and competing for the club single seaters.

Good thermals around midday and continuing into the afternoon.

A burbling noise attracted our attention as this rather nice vintage sports car worked its way around the perimeter track.

A cycle race curtailed flying as a national cycle competition took over the airfield.

Good to see Andy Miller and Mike Fox pop in with the motor glider.

The evening finished with a briefing on thermal techniques, the course continuing to go well.

17 April day 2 Course 5 A little windy

Winds 200/45, vis 30K, Rain later,cloudbases 1500ft QFE

4 members on the course, including one instructor (Steve Moore from Culdrose) having refresher training.

Brian McDermid a helicopter engineer, Trevor Ledger and Phil May retired serial course members.

Many thanks to Steve Glasset and Adrian Giles who stepped in to winch while David went to get treatment for his pulled muscle.

The flying could be described as sporting with 45 knot upper winds and significant wind gradients, a steep learning curve for everyone, but really good fun.

The weather should be better for. the 2nd half of the week..

13 April final day of course No 4 A bunch of achievers

Cloudbases began to be kinder to us, rising to 1500ft by early afternoon. Winds steadily moving to the west,

Steve Wilkinson ( Chief executive in his day job) has now completed his bronze C, and is working on his cross country endorsement. Mike Bosley( an Engineer in his day job) , resoloed and just needs to complete his skills test for the bronze C. Colin Stringer ( a retired banker and club member) resolo and completed annual refreshers and David Hart ( A driving instructor specialising in towing caravans-semi retired) completed his winter refreshers.

Despite the weather, a great week and well done everyone.

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