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29 July Internet back on--very breezy day

Thanks to the efforts of Matt Page the internet is now back on while BT try to figure out why the new optic line is not working.

The course went well. Bob Carter went solo again his daughter Isabel is now an "unprompted pilot". Charlie Palmer, another junior is now the "handling pilot" as is Solomon Hodson (nephew to Adrian Giles). Many thanks to all the helpers this week, we couldnt have had a successful week without you.

You might notice the bus coolant level glass is now clear so it can be used properly, Tim Brailsford busied himself with this task on Saturday. Sadly no flying on Saturday due to the weather.

Sunday weather was dreadful, synoptic chart shown below.

The week ahead will show steadily improving weather, a new course starts on Monday, cycling on the airfield on Wednesday evening.

Grant Needham will be leaving us on Wednesday to start is motorhome tour of Europe, I am sure everyone will join me in a vote of thanks for his background support and wish him a safe tour.

20 July Matthew and Ben go solo

winds 240/05, visibility 30K

Lots of helicopter activity today, and some very good soaring.

Good to see so many club members out flying the club single seaters.

Very well done to Ben and Matthew Mc Evoy who went solo today.

18th Club day, its all about teamwork

very light winds and a soaring window from around 10 am to 5pm

Roger Bagley got the club flying underway and the course continued into another very long day.

Notam class D airspace nailed us to the ground in the morning, and a 2nd Notam appeared mid afternoon to limit our activities for a little under an hour.

It was a day for things to be repaired and that is when the team kicked into action. The pics tell it all, the bus main and auxialiary batteries were giving trouble with a quick fix from Richard and Tom, Robin did a pit stop on the K21 to get the brakes wirelocked properly, meanwhile ben and Matthew rigged up an alternative signalling system. A repair to the K21 tail dolly---it gets a lot of wear when we are doing launch failures and the electric buggy ran out of electrons and needed to be towed home. Thanks everyone for keeping smiling and keeping us flying---phew what a day.

Austin Rose completed his 2nd soaring flight for the cross country endorsement and all the course guys are now flying unprompted flights.

17 July an early start.

Robert resoloed today, very well done to him.

many thanks to Ethan who made an early start to help get flying going, briefing was at 7.45 to help catch up a slow day on Monday.

The evening flying took over at 6pm.

Soaring was mixed weather cycling fairly regularly. Cloudbases at around 4500ft QFE.

For the 2nd day running Jules (of Duvet fame) gave the grass a manicure. More volunteers would be appreciated.

Club day tomorrow, and some more good soaring.

16 July

Winds 200/10 visibility 20K, thermic from about 12 oclock

Welcome to Matthew and Ben McEvoy, Philip Carter and Robert McLachlan.

Thanks again to Robin Birch for getting the 2 K21s airworthy---where would we be without him?

It was good to see club members flying the K23 and the K13, some good soaring was had in the afternoon.

Another good day tomorrow, see you all there.

13 July last day of the course

The weather has been hot all week, poor David suffered a little sunstroke and was forced to take a day of rest on Wednesday.

Wednesday was very busy, with thermals going to 6000ft, see gthe picture of the grid!! Thanks to everyone who stepped up and helped get the launchpoint moving smoothly. We all noticed how dependent we are on our winch driver.

The Seahawk guys from Culdrose had a super week and put in 110% on the airfield, great to have you with us.

Remy (from Challock) went solo again and converted into the K23, Eddy (from Ringmer)has now mastered circuits and landings and has started on launch failures. Patrick (a local man) is now flying with a few prompts from the instructor. Well done everyone , good effort. Caroline and Will spent the entire week giving back up at the launchpoint.

Airspace restrictions over Aston Down due to the Fairford air display meant we could only climb to 3000ft QFE, however this was no real hardship and pilots moved off to the west in the remarkable soaring conditions we were given.

Thursday dinner was at the Tunnel house, good company, good beer and good food---what could be better.

The pictures show Eddy at 4000ft, Remy getting prepared to go solo and the busy wednesday grid.

10 July course well underway

Winds 020/10, visibility 30K, blue thermals to 6000ft

A steady return to normality after the busy competition week.

The Farnborough RIAT is now in place with an agreement that we have a sector up to 3000ft QFE.

Winchie David went home unwell , many thanks to Doug and Robin for stepping in and driving the winch for us.

The Culdrose expedition are enjoying themselves and benefiting from the good soaring conditions.

Remy , Patrick and Eddy are getting on well with the course---well on target for achieving their objectives.

Another good soaring day expected tomorrow---see you there.

29 June Will Haye goes solo on 5th day of course.

Another hot day with winds forecast 070/10.

competitors for Enterprise start to arrive.

Congratulations to William Haye, who went solo on the 5th day of the course. A very good effort on his part, and we hope to see more of him as he strives for his bronze C.

28 June Barnaby Haye goes solo

Winds 060/10 mainly blue with Cu developing in athe afternoon.

The warm breeze kept the air feeling a little cooler today.

The Surrey Hills guys kept the field running for us, many thanks chaps. fran, Andy and Dave Freeman ventured out and were treated to a great afternoon of flying.

Barnaby Haye went solo after a gap of some decades today, well done to him. He then went off and flew for over an hour just to prove he could do it.

The day finished with a great BBQ, (many thanks to Mike Weston for organising the food and then cooking it!).Meanwhile the evening group took many first timers up for a taster.

27 June club day

Winds 090/15 at flying heights. Blue with a low inversion.

The course continues well, Will is now flying circuits and making a pretty good job of them.

Mike Weston took care of the 2 one day course visitors, father and son had a great day.

The front tyre popped off the rim on ENK. many thanks to Pat Greer and Robin for getting it back into service.

By 5pm the thermals were going to 2400ft above the field and Mike took advantage of the conditions to show our visitors a little more about soaring.

A smart new concrete entrance is now going down at the front of the new workshop.

The next few days will no doubt see increased activity as preparations are underway for Enterprise. Mike Weston will be available for
site checks.There will not be a winch facility on Friday pm but undoubtably there will be a few willing tug pilots. Friday will probably be blue again.

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