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Task Week 1

The task week ended yesterday on a day that looked to be a good day but the strong wind made it very difficult. There were several landouts (including the tasksetter) but all returned home safely. The weather wasn't brilliant throughout the week but we managed a few task days and the members who attended the development sessions gained a lot from the lectures and flying exercises.

Matt and Darren also completed their first BI flights.

Group 1 winner was Mike Oliver with Phil Guthrie close on his heels.
Group 2 winner was Jon Huband

Thanks to Jacqui and team for the food on Saturday evening and thanks to everyone else who helped during the week.

The 2nd task week is from the 2nd - 10th of August, bookings being taken now.....

Task Week - attempt at day 2

A task was set for Group 1 and briefing held for the one competitor who turned up, but he didn't go far enough to score on his two attempts.
Much ground school was done in the morning and flying in the afternoon, including two cloud flying instructional flights in the newly instrumented DG500.

Task Week Day 1

Two tasks were set: AD - Basingstoke - Dursley - Shipston on Stour - AD 316 Km;
AD - Chieveley - Yate - AD 163 Km. Nine people tackled the larger and four the smaller including Jonathan Huband who took a UWE member round the task in the DG500. All got back although some cut a corner because of localised difficult conditions.
Normal club flying continued although not many members were here to take advantage of the easily soarable conditions which lasted all day.

Albert Bielecki goes solo

Early Start

Two of our enthusiastic younger members got the kit out very early on their own initiative, and after obtaining instructor approval, had the first launches at 0845. It can be done!
As a consequence, a large number of launches and much training were done during the day.
A number of enterprising cross countries were completed but some didn't quite get home against a stiff breeze off the estuary, killing the thermals.

A good week of weather

A good week of weather with two members of the course achieving solo during the week and both enjoyed a day of solo flying today. A good number of private members took advantage of the weather this week so it has been a busy week. Matt Page managed a 5hr 40m flight today for his silver duration and completion of his silver. The weekend is looking hopeful as well.

New green-keeper, and winches

The more observant members will have noticed a phantom green-keeper / grass cutter has been busy around the hangar, the 'sitting out' area in front of the tower and the signal square. The even more observant will notice the club trailers have been serviced, repaired, painted and made roadworthy. Thanks to Andy Smart for all the work involved. He is available for 'teach-ins' for those interested in other jobs....
Whilst talking of maintenance we have had both winches (I think both) checked and given significant services this week by the manufacturers, Skylaunch. This complements the work of Richard Carter and friends who try to keep on top of things week by week. Now, please treat the winches with care so we have them serviceable for the rest of the season. We await reports from Skylaunch on overhauls of both winches, and then we can make decisions about the longer term future.
DGR/ chairman

Royal Aero Club award for Mike Randle

Congratulations to club member and instructor Mike Randle who on Tuesday 13th May was awarded a Royal Aero Club Diploma by HRH The Duke of York for his services to gliding, and in particular over 50 years of instructing. A photo of the presentation is at:

The Diploma ranks between the RAeC Gold and Silver Medals so is a very high recognition of an amazing contribution by Mike over half a century. A copy of the Awards ceremony brochure will be placed in the clubhouse for everyone to view.

Office cover

As many will know or have realised, Gill has been away from the office part of this last week due to illness. She may be off work for a bit longer and so we are looking into getting cover for the office. Please bear with us. In the meantime we send Gill our best wishes for a quick and full recovery.

DGR / chairman

Farnborough Airspace

The proposals for a very large airspace grab by TAG Farnborough, if successful, would be a catastrophic outcome for the gliding and light aviation communities. Whilst Aston Down is not directly affected, and most CGC pilots do not venture beyond Lasham, the principle of what is could happen is important to us. Therefore I would encourage you to write a response - in measured, polite terms please - by close of play this Sunday. As it is forecast to be rather wet part of this weekend, you should have plenty of time to do this. Just look at the BGA website and follow the links for advice and guidance from the BGA on how to respond. To see how serious this matter is, and read a very high quality response, please read the attached / linked response from the Light Aircraft Association.

David Roberts
Chairman, CGC

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