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Juniors at the Youth in Aviation day at Westminster

Two of our Junior members, Charlotte Acton and Alex Bartlam met with ministers and other dignitaries at the Youth in Aviation Day last week, held in the Palace of Westminster.

Charlotte and Alex are on the right of the first photo.

Tuesday 28th

The second day of the junior development half term session. A navigation exercise followed by a briefing on Notams started the day. The bright weather then enticed us out and with the wind straight down the strip we got some good launches. Charlotte converted to the PW, Josh and Jonathan tried out the K7, Ethan improved his circuits and Anne-Cecile and Pierre-Marie got a few more exercises completed. We ended the day with a discussion on Human Factors and a run through some Bronze questions. Charlotte is off to Westminster tomorrow representing youth gliding, hope that she puts,in a good word for CGC!

Thanks to Roger Smith, Andy Smart, Chris Power and Simon Buckley for their help today.

Strong wind Sunday

A useful day's training for a handful of club members plus a sprinkling of UWE attenders.
Nympsfield towed over their DG505 and Grob103 two seaters for some winch training because the wind strength and direction made it too hazardous there.
After a close shave, the winch run on runway 21 was shortened to reduce the chances of a further cable break finishing off the airfield.

Monday 27th

Day one of the junior development course, a lecture on weather patterns was followed by some flying for the 7 juniors. Cloudbase was around 1000' but we had some useful flights, improving individual skills towards the Bronze test. We ended the day with a briefing on Navigation.

Thanks to Paul Lazenby, Jon Huband, Chris Power, Andy Smart and Roger Smith for their help.

New price list

The new price list has been published and the Fees and Charges page updated. The complete list of charges is here (PDF). Accompanying the new price list is an update from David Roberts here.

Sunday 12th Oct - Fog

We were treated to a spectacular view of fog filling the Severn valley to our west and a bank of fog as far as you could see from Kemble eastwards. It didn't leave a very big hole for us to fly in, but fortunately it stayed that way all day. Matt and Darren have started to build a rather large bonfire. We think we should light it during the daytime so we can see if it makes a big enough thermal to fly in.

Sat 11th Oct

Mist cleared enough to encourage us to get the kit out. The 2 Darrens took the first launch but had to pull off at 400 feet at they entered the patchy low cloud. A half hour wait paid off and then we were away. Lots of Students to fly, check flights to do and a one day course. Forced to take another break as lightning had been seen to the west. The dark clouds gathered and a small group standing by the bus nearly jumped out of their skins as a lightning strike forked to the ground, striking east of the gate and west of the tower at the same time! I've never seen people jump on to the bus so quickly! Anyway the storm passed and we carried on 'till sunset in a sparkly clear sky. (sorry did I say "spark"?)

First cold weekend

Saturday started with pouring rain and blustery winds but the skies cleared in the afternoon to allow some flying from 27 for the ODC and other members, Doug even managing a trip to Abergavenny. It wasn't good enough to entice the 5 instructors on their refreshers to fly so they retreated to the clubhouse to continue with briefings. Sunday was a bright day albeit cold and with a full complement of trial lessons, UWE students, instructor refreshers and club flying it was a busy day, filling several logsheets. The treasurer will be pleased.

First Solo

28 Sept. Another first solo today by Ethan Kent.

Saturday 27 Sept - Not a bad day

The day started well with all the two-seaters getting a wash. This was probably a good thing as thereafter they were all kept busy with club instruction, a group of UWE freshers having their first flights and visitors Brian and Tim on the one day course. For about an hour around mid-day it was properly thermic with climbs to cloud base at around 2,800'. Thereafter, it clouded over and much time was spent waffling around in 1/2-1 Knot thermals. Highlight of the day was circling at 2,500' sandwiched vertically between two buzzards. Many thanks to our winch drivers and also to Simon Buckley and Andrew Turk for helping out with instruction.

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