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Members area update

You'll notice that the airfield blog no longer appears as separate area on the right and that blog items are now displayed in with the main content. This helps to keep the front page up to date and allows bigger pictures in the blog. There is no change to the way blog items are added.

FLARM Update

Your attention is drawn to this important announcement on the BGA web site:

"FLARM has announced that a scheduled and mandatory firmware update is soon to be released for all FLARM devices. The update is required for all FLARM-compatible designs, including classic FLARM, PowerFLARM and FLARM manufactured by LXNAV, LX Navigation, Garrecht/AIR Avionics, and others. The update will be released by early March 2015 at no cost. If the free FLARM update is not applied, the device will no longer operate after March 31, 2015. Full details of the update are on the FLARM web site."

Cold and breezy Sunday

An industrious bunch of members set off over the snowy airfield to change both sets of cables on the winch. It was too windy to fly early in the day and the wind abated just enough as the cable change was completed to remove any further excuses not to fly and it was worth it. Doug and Darren in their respective LSs headed west and the Arcus flew a couple of sorties enjoying ridge thermal and wave conditions. Back at AD the visiting group from Radley College enjoyed some good soaring flights in the DG500 and the PW was kept busy with club members. A cold day but enjoyable, thanks to everyone who helped, it looks like we will have some new junior members.

11/01/15 Sporty Sunday

An enthusiastic group got the kit out in good time and we enjoyed a morning of some sporty flying off the cross runway in the strengthening wind. Robin Davenport completed his winter refreshers with some real and simulated launch failures. Jon Huband rigged his Ventus and plumbed himself in (a process that should have an "18" certificate), in preparation for for a trip to the ridge. However, around lunchtime, the wind rapidly increased and discretion rather than valour became the order of the day. Truth be told, the instructors were quite relieved to get all the gliders back in the hangar in one piece. Many thanks to Graham Turner for turning up so promptly to drive the winch.

Friday 2nd Jan

Happy New Year to all,
First job of the day was to repair the windsock mounting and replace the windsock that was lost sometime over the Christmas period.
It was the first flying day of 2015 and a few members enjoyed a good day. The Arcus motored over to the ridge for a few hours and joined a large number of gliders enjoying the thermal and ridge lift. Thanks to Paul Lazenby for organising the day.
Unfortunately Saturday looks like being wet until later in the day but we still have an aerotow day planned for Sunday, a good chance for some fresh air after the Christmas excesses.

Monday 29/12

A cold start and a cold end to the day but for a few hours it was really quite pleasant in the sunshine. Some members completed their winter refreshers while others enjoyed the calm conditions. We also managed to fly a couple of impromptu trial lessons and were joined by a Sandhill member and his son for the day.Thanks to Jon Huband and Tim Barnes for sharing the instructing duties and to all others who helped. Special thanks to Lesley Waters for bringing the rather excellent sausage rolls.

Saturday 20th December - More fun than Christmas Shopping

Thermals in December - I didn't know such things existed. Helped along by some bright sunshine, a fresh westerly and a bit of wave influence, they made for some bouncy flights off the cross runway. Adventure Scouts Chris and John continued to make excellent progress in both their flying and helping out at the launch points. Doug rigged his LS3 and managed to get to the ridge at the second attempt, but complained it was "a bit crowded". I won't mention how low he was when he left the ridge to return to AD. Ken launched in the ASH and motored off to find a bit of wave. Thanks to Chris Ashworth for helping out with instruction and to our winch drivers.

Sunny Saturday

For a change, a bright sunny day with hardly any wind. With a winch and aerotow operation that was kept busy all day a large contingent of our junior members and members enjoyed the clear and calm conditions.


As forecast, it was a bright but cold day with the wind straight down the strip helping some launches to over 2000'. Winter Refreshers and a BI renewal kept the instructors busy and other members enjoyed the great visibility with some solo flying.

Sunday 30th Nov - Considerably better than expected

Driving on to the airfield at 9am I couldn't even see the wind sock in the mist. So I thought it would be a pretty short day as Duty Instructor: just show my face, cancel the trial lessons and head back home for coffee and brownie points. However, by 9.30 the mist started to thin and we got the kit out. Flying from the south end, the first few flights were really spectacular - launches to 1,600', about 1,000 above the broken cloud with amazing views over a solid cloud sheet extending way out to the west from the airfield boundary. We were also treated to full "broken spectres" (Google it if necessary) on the cloud below. It's probably best not to tell the CFI about how we were going into cloud on the base leg (we had the ILS on). Anyway, the cloud quickly cleared and we enjoyed a very pleasant day's flying in the sunshine. Darren rigged his LS3, Ken entertained us doing his annual checks and Sarah Z munched her way through an entire packet of extra strong mints in three flights. The visitors also enjoyed their flights with Eugene and Matt - one was heard to say "My gob is completely and utterly smacked!" , Thanks to Phil and Mike for some great winching.

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