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8 October---unofficial club day, Simon Collier goes solo and Bryan converts to the K23

Winds 250/05, visibility 30K, cloudbases rising to 4000ft QNH.

Notam class D around Kemble from 16.15 Z.

It was good to see the club solo pilots today. ASW19, Astir and K23 were out, that gave everyone an opportunity to fly and several managed decent soaring flights---well done.

Mike Weston brought the Ventus out for an airing and reported significantly varying cloudbases over the region.

David Tyres spent a day with the course to replace a lost day earlier in the year. Simon Collier completed his launch failure training before going solo. Bryan Field consolidated his solos of yesterday and then converted to the K23. So a very good day.

7 October A very wet start to the club day---lots of flying in the afternoon

winds 300/25, visibility 30K, rain until midday.

It was good to see a bunch of keen club members at the 8.15 briefing. The briefing was extended to include a tutorial on map reading.

By midday winchie David was champing at the bit to get going, so we did. but David its still drizzle.

Mike Oliver went off to Nympsfield to enjoy the ridge, and arrived back later to report he had a load of fun and stayed to help retrieve a glider out of a field.

Bryan Field continued to practice his solo flight, and Simon Collier discovered he quite likes spinning after all.

Well done Alun Thomas, cleared to fly the K23 solo by Pat Greer.

6 October low cloud and drizzle, until midday, exams in the morning and Bryan Field goes solo in the afternoon

Rain and drizzle to start. winds 140/15,low cloud rising pm.

A morning in the classroom followed by bronze C exams, congratulations to Tom Coles---he passed.

After lunch we managed some flying including a solo flight or two by Bryan Field, very well done to him---bronze C next step.

Monday 5th October, low cloud and wet

Winds 180/25, visibility 20K, rain and drizzle for the morning, a break in the weather in the afternoon.

The day started with a splendid view of the Geese chasing the car up the long runway. Their daily exercise consisted of 4 complete runs, fabulous view.

Welcome back to Bryan Field and welcome Simon Collier who are on the final course of the year.

Briefings all morning on subjects ranging from principles of flight , altimetry and launch failures. Eventually we managed to fly around 2 pm.

Thanks Lesley and Dave Breeze for your help.

2 October. A group of club pilots get together for a day of flying---Colin Stringer completes his bronze C

Winds 080/05, visibility 25K and a strong inversion at 2000ft.

It was great to see a group of club pilots take advantage of the weather and join us on the field. The Astir and K23 were in constant use and the launchpoint busy and well run. Lesley managed to grab a couple of solo circuits in the PW6 but decided against flying the K23 visibility poor, bales of grass scattered around the field and a lot of activity, she decided better to wait---good call.

The course finished on a high, Colin Stringer completed his bronze C and has signed up as a new member. Colin, a lapsed PPL, has spent a total of three weeks on CGC courses, with a good deal of effort on his part, he managed to complete bronze C in 3 weeks---very well done. Stewart Rathband is off to do a PPL and plans to return next year to complete his glider pilot training, he is now at the unprompted pilot stage. Mike Counsell did particularly well, and despite having to dash off to look after his Mum, achieved the unprompted pilot stage. Mike is off to Peru in a few weeks, and then plans to return early next year to finish the training.

The K21, Robin Birch, and a bunch of trial lessons arrived just as the bales of hay started appearing on the field. They did manage to get some flights completed and some big smiles.

Thanks to all the stalwarts who kept the show on the road for us.

1 October---great weather for the courses.

Wind 070/15, fine weather and blue thermals.

Mike Counsell got to grips with some awkward blue thermals, managing to climb to 2500ft before the strong inversion beat him. Colin continued to learn to soar the K23.

Launch failure practice all morning, while we kept a careful eye on the farmers activities, one turning the grass and the other sowing.

Many thanks again to Lesley who continued to help our small group by maintaining the logs and signalling. We were pleased to see Phil Mead, who brought the ASW19 out for an airing, just a little too late to enjoy the mid afternoon thermals.

Wednesday 30 September ---Colin gets first XCE soaring flight

Winds 090/20, 20k visibility, in the afternoon thermals to 3500ft.

A good club day with the K23 in big demand, and duty instructor tony busy all day in the K21.

Well done to Colin Stringer who managed his first soaring flight for the cross country endorsement. Colin is on his 3rd course this year and now working towards his bronze C.

Thanks everyone for a very good day.,

29 September.

Winds 100/15 visibility 20K, strong inversion at 2500ft

The grass cutters had been working overnight, so we now have a nice lawn to land on.

The Swans were also being flown down the runway, what a beautiful sight.

many thanks to Lesley for looking after the log sheets all day. And welcome to Chris power who took advantage of the pleasant flying to stay current in the K23.

The lecture was "approach control" followed by a 2:1 pie at the Weighbridge---perfeck.

28 September First day of course, lesley completes her bronze C

Winds 130/15, blue thermals to about 2500ft.

Welcome back to Stewart Rathband, Colin Stringer and Mike Counsell.

Mike Randle gave some bronze training to Martin Yates.

Colin re-soloed and Lesley Waters passed her bronze C exam and therefore her bronze C. Well done Lesley.

25 September Graham Shead goes solo and a good cross country day

Light winds, and cloudbases rising to 4000ft with good 6 knot thermals

Mike Oliver set off on a 300 and managed to get away before any of were able to just stay airborne. Well done mike.

Mike Weston,looked after J Keegan who was here for a one day course.

Many thanks to Lesley for her assistance on the course.

It was good to see Graham back after his urgent rush to take care of his wife. graham completed his basic training and went solo---very well done.

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