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20 April Club day on the easterly runway

winds 090/15 and a strong inversion at 3000ft, blue thermals. We hope this is good news for the Scottish expedition group.

A good turnout at the 8.15 briefing, thanks everyone.

Pat Greer and Roger looked after a long list of club pilots anxious to get current again or simply to get airborne. A well oiled team meant we were able to get a good number of launches, despite landing on the runway.

Mike Randle appeared, still working on getting the club aircraft into tip top condition. The rear straps in the K21 are now working ---thanks to his efforts.

The course guys experienced their first circuits on the short runway and landing on tarmac, one commented "its straightforward isnt it"

The red faces in the pictures are wind burn not sunburn.

Cross Country in the ASH25

Ken Lloyd is offering cross country experience flights in the ASH 25 again this year. Aimed at solo to pre-silver pilots (or silver with very little cross country experience). Put your name on the list at the top of the stairs and hope for good weather! It only costs you a launch fee.

Portmoak Expedition

Latest News From Portmoak

The forecast for the early part of the week looked promising, and it has not dissapointed.
Our first flying day Sunday 17th was a ridge day and showering, all aircraft were rigged, Fraser Wilson and Kevin Russell conpleted site checks with Kevin making the most of the conditions by keeping the k21 aloft for nearly 3hrs. All the other Cotswold pilots had ridge flights.
Monday 18th promised wave, so we started early with most pilots in the air by 9.00 am. With showers around the wave gaps closed soon after we started climbing in them. Chris Gough took 88 to 10000ft then got cut off by cloud and landed at Strathalan. The unexpeted arrival of Chris Power helped as he raced off to collect Chris and on their return 88 was rigged and took off for another go.
Nearly all pilots contacted the wave with heights of 17k,16k,14k,14k,12k,11k and Chris reached 19k on his second flight. One Diamond and one Gold Height achieved and Kevin spent another 5 hrs ridge bashing.
Tuesday 19th Strong thermal day, difficult early on then regular climbs to 5500ft, late in the afternoon the wind picked up and the ridge started to work and again Kevin spent 5hrs thermal and ridge bashing to achieve his Silver Height.
Badge claims so far this week (subject to logger verification)
Chris Gough Diamond Height
Ed Foggin Gold Height
Kevin Russell Silver Height
Looks possibly more of the same for the rest of the week.

Isle of Wight trip

On Sunday Jon Huband and John McWilliam went to St Catherine’s Point in the Arcus.

The Isle of Wight in sight, getting as high as possible for the Solent crossing.

Chichester Harbour and Hayling Island (a handy diversion if need be).

Fast 40+ fleet racing of Cowes. Lee-on-Solent, another diversion to the right.
Northerly wind at our height, sea calm just before sea breeze sets in from the southwest so we had convergence and lift, even over the middle of the Solent ahead.

Crossing Portsmouth Harbour

Crossing the Solent, happy to see good thermal clouds over the island.

The Needles in full view from above St Catherine’s Point lighthouse about midday. Building sea breeze front above our right wing, sea air hasn't yet destroyed the lift at the Channel coast.

On our away back across the island.

Over Wales later - what a day!!

18 April the start of course week 4

Winds forecast 280/05. high cloudbases, wave and thermal.

Many thanks to the club members who popped in to help get us flying, Dave Hart spent the day with us helping teach our new course the ropes.

Meanwhile in the workshop, Mike Randle was busy working on the club gliders---all this backstage work is essential to keep the flying going.

John McWilliam set off to Wales and found himself at FL95 (base of the airway) over the black mountains---well done to him.

We welcome the new course Phil May (returnee from last year), Trevor Leger( a friend of Phil) and Ron Godsall (club member). The day started on runway21, but the cross wind became too challenging and so we moved to 27.

17th April Best Day of the Year (so far)

The prospect of an excellent day saw the hangar doors open at 7.00am and first launch at 9.30am. By 10.30, Lawrence Wood (see below) had completed his first solo - many congratulations to him. He did well as a sniffer too, soaring for 3/4 hour on his second flight and convincing the grid they should launch. Thereafter, the day proved even better than forecast - by 2pm there were 6 knot climbs to over 5,000'. I think all the x-c pilots got round their tasks - congratulations to Darren Edge on his first 300k and to Jonathan Apperley for getting to Lasham and back. Jon Huband and John McWilliams also to did well to turn St Catherine's point on the Isle of White in the Arcus. Many thanks to winch drivers Paul Lazenby and Dave Roberts.

15 April---Last day of course, great ending despite the cloud

The sounding says it all, so it was into the classroom until lunchtime. Lectures covered speed to fly and field landings.

After lunch the cloud cleared it was possible to consolidate the course training, for some that was how to make a decent cuppa. For others it was perfecting that fully held off landing.

Alan Thomas managed to corner the CFI and get his final bronze sign off. Barrie Taylor was left figuring out how he might get back for another week.

A great week and loads of achievements well done everyone.


14 April, CFI pops in to see the duvet flying?

A good busy day. Light southerly winds and some weak thermals.

Jules treated us to a demonstration of a paramotor flight. very interesting and very skilled. Jules spent another full day helping us run the field---top man, thanks.

The CFI popped in to see how we were getting on, and then dashed off to some business meeting. Gosh how the jet set live.

Well done Dave Hart, first flight in the Astir today.

Everyone else was consolidating the good work to date, loads of solo flying.

Alan Thomas completed the day with a near perfect demonstration of a launch circuit and landing ---very good job. Alan wasn't content with the launch failure practices so gave himself one as well.


13 April A great club day

VRB/05, visibility 25 K to start and cloudbases set to rise during the soaring window.

It was good to see so many club members out, probably tempted with the promise of some good soaring. The real enthusiasts were there for the 8.15 brief and helping to get the aircraft out.

In short order Robin assisted us get the Astir rear wheel puncture repaired, and that made the day for several club members.

Roger Bagley got the club flying underway, Tony Hayes is now well again and enjoying some soaring with his pupils and Andrew Turk stepped in to assist later in the day.

Barrie Taylor resoloed after a 10 year layoff, so very well done to him. Alan Thomas converted to the Astir thanks to an excellent briefing from Andrew Turk. All the course members were working hard at the post solo syllabus and having a great time doing it.

The pictures show Barrie Taylor with a big grin, Alan Thomas preparing to launch in the Astir, Barrie preparing for his launch failure training and the club members looking on.

looking forward to another good day tomorrow.


12 April,First flyable day of the week, course doesnt have the foggiest

Fog and low cloud greeted the course on Tuesday morning. it was so thick the K21 got lost being towed to the northern launch point!

Barrie Taylor had his first flight for 10 years, he thoroughly enjoyed negotiating the low cloud in circuit.

The fog steadily lifted, and then we had much better visibility and training could start in earnest.

Mike Oliver rigged his ASW20 and took advantage of the afternoon of thermals, reporting climbs to 3000ft (above cloud).

Jules the paramotor pilot spent most of the day with us. Jules was enthusiastically helping out and becoming familiar with gliding operations. later in the week he will fly the paramotor (flying duvet) so we can understand how that operation works.

Alan Thomas has now completed his bronze exam and theory oral test. His week is now targetted and getting up to the skills test standard in preparation for his flying test. good luck and well done so far.


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