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Royal Aero Club newsletter

The latest Royal Aero Club newsletter has some gliding related content.

A Blast from the past

A few members who were around in the 1970s (maybe 1980s) may remember a former club member, Roger Farmer, who used to live at Winchcombe. He has retired some time ago and now lives in Spain and has taken up gliding again, this time at Fuentemilenos, NW of Madrid. Roger will be at Cotswold GC next Sunday morning, 8th November, so if you want to meet up with him, please come along. I shall be log keeping Sunday morning, so you'll know where to find us.

DGR / chairman

Haloween - Sat 31/10/2015

A crack team had all the two-seaters washed and on-line for 9.30. Sadly, the weather didn't play ball and we sat under solid cloud at 650' - we know because we launched a couple of gliders into it just to check. The clag finally started to lift and break around 11.30 and we were rewarded by some stunning flights above the broken cloud at 900'. Things steadily improved and we enjoyed a good afternoon's flying in the autumn sunshine. Gerry Holden and Simon Lucas were kept busy doing instructor renewals for Robin Birch, Geoff Dixon and Roger Bagley, and Matt did a great job of flying the two ladies on the one-day-course, touching down on his final flight just after sunset. Many thanks to winch drivers Max Lazenby and Graham Turner

The consequences of airspace infringement

Please see this news release from the CAA which will be a warning of what happens to pilots who infringe (i.e. enter without permission) controlled airspace. CAA is getting tougher in its approach these days.

Portmoak Expedition

News so far from Portmoak :
Sunday 18th dawned with very light Easterly winds, several pilots made use of the Euro Fox tug and had several inexpensive Aero tows.
Monday 19th started with very light westerlies, Caleb completed his site checks, took a launch in the Astir, then Robin Birch,Chris Huck and Paul Glassett took dual Aero tows with myself, the wind freshened and the last two flights made use of ridge lift.
Today (Tuesday) we were alerted to the possibility of Wave, we were all on site and online by 8.00 am along with several local pilots and the tug, the sky looked full of wave but unfortunately it was to weak to use, but the ridge worked all day.
Congratulations to Caleb who flew on the ridge for 5hrs, completing his Silver C, everyone else made use of the ridge for flights between 6hrs and 2hrs.
The wind is forecast to strengthen over the next couple of days so we may be lucky and get some wave.

Portmoak Update.

Wednesday was forecast to be another wave day, the wave was low level reaching around 7000ft, Caleb got his first taste of wave along with most of the CGC pilots. As forecast the approaching front arrived around 4pm causing the local cloud base to eventually reduce to around 800ft. unfortunately several gliders were cut off to the north including Simon Buckley who landed in a field.

Thursday started as forecast, 25kt westerly gusting 40kts the forecast was for the wind to drop in the afternoon and around 2pm the gusts reduced to 30kts.
E8,VV and FZK rigged and took launches. Rotor over the Ridge and Loch indicated wave which set up over the club. Chris Huck and Simon Buckley reached over 12000ft with myself reaching 7000ft in 4kts lift before opening the air brakes for Richard Burgoyne to fly. With sunset at 17:45 all were back by last landing of 18:00hrs.

Friday was cloudy and South westerly, but the sat pics showed wave above, despite this Robin,Simon B, Paul, Steve and Caleb decided to head south as Saturday was forecast wet and windy all the way home.
The rest of us rigged and flew, wave was there gaps opened and closed, Chris Huck reached 11000ft. The five CGC pilots flying Friday notched up nearly 15hrs flying between us.
All in all a very successful week, we flew every day, in Ridge, Wave lift, some good heights interesting flying and a silver completed.

Next trip April 2016

Simon Lucas

First solo (in more ways than one)

Here is Rohan Christopherson, who flew his first solo at the weekend, with instructor Paul Lazenby. Rohan is the first pupil Paul has sent solo.

9 October last day of course season ---are the Geese or Swans?

light winds, foggy to start and sunshine later.

Waiting around until midday for the fog to clear was too much for Mike Oliver, who decided the cross country day would be too short, if even possible. Bryan and I discovered that the Swan and Geese exercising is to build the stamina of the birds before they go off for filming. The owner spent 4 months with the birds after hatching to build a family relationship, they now follow her everywhere.

Tom Coles went off to the Jolly Nice and treated us to egg and bacon rolls---delicious and also the signal for weather to start to clear up.
Simon and Bryan continued to practice their solo skills, circuit planning and some soaring (bases about 2000ft). Rather a lot of cloud around to start, so dual flying only---Tom remarked that flying above the clouds at 1500 ft gave him the same buzz as his first trial lesson, absolutely great.

Tom went on to complete his bronze C---very well done Tom.

Thanks Roger Smith or coming out and helping us at the launch point.

Mike andle enlightened us all when he pointed out that the Geese in the blog picture are actually Swans. What actually happened is we tried to cheat and used a picture from a different day---oops.

Anyway this is the course instructor signing off. Thanks everyone for a fun year and for all your support. keep Flying and keep safe.


8 October---unofficial club day, Simon Collier goes solo and Bryan converts to the K23

Winds 250/05, visibility 30K, cloudbases rising to 4000ft QNH.

Notam class D around Kemble from 16.15 Z.

It was good to see the club solo pilots today. ASW19, Astir and K23 were out, that gave everyone an opportunity to fly and several managed decent soaring flights---well done.

Mike Weston brought the Ventus out for an airing and reported significantly varying cloudbases over the region.

David Tyres spent a day with the course to replace a lost day earlier in the year. Simon Collier completed his launch failure training before going solo. Bryan Field consolidated his solos of yesterday and then converted to the K23. So a very good day.

7 October A very wet start to the club day---lots of flying in the afternoon

winds 300/25, visibility 30K, rain until midday.

It was good to see a bunch of keen club members at the 8.15 briefing. The briefing was extended to include a tutorial on map reading.

By midday winchie David was champing at the bit to get going, so we did. but David its still drizzle.

Mike Oliver went off to Nympsfield to enjoy the ridge, and arrived back later to report he had a load of fun and stayed to help retrieve a glider out of a field.

Bryan Field continued to practice his solo flight, and Simon Collier discovered he quite likes spinning after all.

Well done Alun Thomas, cleared to fly the K23 solo by Pat Greer.

6 October low cloud and drizzle, until midday, exams in the morning and Bryan Field goes solo in the afternoon

Rain and drizzle to start. winds 140/15,low cloud rising pm.

A morning in the classroom followed by bronze C exams, congratulations to Tom Coles---he passed.

After lunch we managed some flying including a solo flight or two by Bryan Field, very well done to him---bronze C next step.

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