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14 April, CFI pops in to see the duvet flying?

A good busy day. Light southerly winds and some weak thermals.

Jules treated us to a demonstration of a paramotor flight. very interesting and very skilled. Jules spent another full day helping us run the field---top man, thanks.

The CFI popped in to see how we were getting on, and then dashed off to some business meeting. Gosh how the jet set live.

Well done Dave Hart, first flight in the Astir today.

Everyone else was consolidating the good work to date, loads of solo flying.

Alan Thomas completed the day with a near perfect demonstration of a launch circuit and landing ---very good job. Alan wasn't content with the launch failure practices so gave himself one as well.


13 April A great club day

VRB/05, visibility 25 K to start and cloudbases set to rise during the soaring window.

It was good to see so many club members out, probably tempted with the promise of some good soaring. The real enthusiasts were there for the 8.15 brief and helping to get the aircraft out.

In short order Robin assisted us get the Astir rear wheel puncture repaired, and that made the day for several club members.

Roger Bagley got the club flying underway, Tony Hayes is now well again and enjoying some soaring with his pupils and Andrew Turk stepped in to assist later in the day.

Barrie Taylor resoloed after a 10 year layoff, so very well done to him. Alan Thomas converted to the Astir thanks to an excellent briefing from Andrew Turk. All the course members were working hard at the post solo syllabus and having a great time doing it.

The pictures show Barrie Taylor with a big grin, Alan Thomas preparing to launch in the Astir, Barrie preparing for his launch failure training and the club members looking on.

looking forward to another good day tomorrow.


12 April,First flyable day of the week, course doesnt have the foggiest

Fog and low cloud greeted the course on Tuesday morning. it was so thick the K21 got lost being towed to the northern launch point!

Barrie Taylor had his first flight for 10 years, he thoroughly enjoyed negotiating the low cloud in circuit.

The fog steadily lifted, and then we had much better visibility and training could start in earnest.

Mike Oliver rigged his ASW20 and took advantage of the afternoon of thermals, reporting climbs to 3000ft (above cloud).

Jules the paramotor pilot spent most of the day with us. Jules was enthusiastically helping out and becoming familiar with gliding operations. later in the week he will fly the paramotor (flying duvet) so we can understand how that operation works.

Alan Thomas has now completed his bronze exam and theory oral test. His week is now targetted and getting up to the skills test standard in preparation for his flying test. good luck and well done so far.


8 April end of week and Stephen John goes solo.

Winds forecast 270/10 with no significant rain.

A day for achievements . Well done Stephen for going solo---see you again in August to start work on the bronze C.

Well done Mike Bosley and Stephen Wilkinson, completing the experience element of the bronze C.

What a team, managing to get a slick launch rate all week in the weather windows we had. great job, see you all soon.


7 April, Steve and Mike resolo

Winds 320/25 visibility 25 K.

As we sat in the bus watching the rain run down the windscreen we could see why the Cotswold Airport Scholarship Flying was cancelled.

After a Navigation brief and completion of the bronze C oral test, the skies cleared and we could start flying.

A busy afternoon of launch failure practice and Mike Bosley and Steve Wilkinson resoloed. Very well done to them.

looking forward to another successful training day tomorrow, but a beer at the Rose and Crown beckons first.


6 April, a windy club day

Winds forecast at 270/35.

We were managing to achieve 1500ft launches on the cross runway. mike on the course soared away from the top of the launch to 3000ft before following a cloudstreet to Nympsfield arriving at cloudbase (5000ft).

A few hardy club members turned up and flew with Roger, many thanks to them for their help and thanks to birthday boy Chris for bringing donuts---we enjoyed those immensely.

Alex, Mikes 12 year old son was with us for the day and had his first taster flight with Roger. Needless to say he had fun and returned with a big grin.


5 April---Great soaring day and Sportability visit

winds 290/15, cloudbases rising to 5000ft, thermals up to 8 knots.

Andy, Andrew and Mike acted as hosts to the Sportability group. They certainly know how to pick the day, all 10 had a 30 minute soaring flight with Mike. Very well done and many thanks to the volunteer helpers.

The course guys found themselves soaring and simple Navigation exercises. Cross wind landings were on the agenda all day---everyone getting the hang of it by the end of the day.

A bunch of local pilots flew off in all directions to enjoy the fantastic soaring window.

Thanks everyone for a great day.


5 April and a new course starts

Welcome back to Steve Wilkinson, Stephen John and Mike Bosley.

Light winds 210/05, rain showers expected and possibly thunderstorms.

Despite the forecast the day was only slightly disrupted by rain and low cloud. A good time for some ground school as the course members prepare for the bronze C.

Flying carried on a little later than normal (to catch up) with David smiling and telling us to go for it.

A great day, thanks everyone.


April 1 back to the winds

Winds increased to 35knots at 1000ft.

The course group took advantage of the lighter winds early in the day. Winds eventually became too much and the glider was put away.

Mike Randle and Jane took advantage of the flying operations to get Janes refresher training completed.

The drop in temperature didnt seem to dampen everyones spirits, they just wrapped up and carried on.

31 march Stewart rathbone goes solo and a great soaring day

Cloudbases eventually rose to 5000ft QFE. Strong thermals from around 11 am.

Several cross country flights flown today, everyone had a good time.

Well done Stewart, solo today and his first taste of solo soaring.

pictures show Stewart after his first solo and the grid starting, on the runway---mmmm.

Another good day tomorrow.


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