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11 September The bus gets its new windscreen, and Sportability have a great day

Winds forecast 130/25. Visibility 20K but no rain. A low centred over Ireland and an occluded front slowly moving towards us.

A cold night and beautiful morning for those that were up to see it.

The winds started off relatively calm so launching started on runway 21.

Austin Rose and Chris Power teamed up so they could fly the K23, which they did until we were forced to move to 27 when the winds strengthened.

Richard and his team set to work supervising the new windscreen, doing some metalwork and fixing the bus generator. Many thanks again for your very valuable help.

Before the Sportability group could fly, a team set to and rigged the DG500. They went on to have a great day with 10 happy people, some enjoyed soaring to 3000ft. Well Done Mike and Eugene.

The last day of another course. Everyone pretty exhausted after a very busy week.

10 September. I see no ships

Winds forecast 120/20. Visibility 30K. low level inversion to start.

Launches at the start of the day were to above the inversion and the cloud layer. As the day progressed the thermic activity improved significantly until we were able to climb in 6 knots to over 4000ft. The cross wind presented a challenge for the beginners.

Mike Oliver, showed us all the way by scratching away in the early stages and battling into a 20 knot headwind.

The ASW 19 was taken out and flown by Phil mead.

Locally the upper winds were significantly weaker. All the course members had an opportunity to practice soaring, john Hammond was still soaring at 6 pm.

Classic cars at Aston Down this coming weekend (12-13th Sept)

Gill Hayward has organised an MG “T Types” event this weekend, based near Tortworth (Wootten Under Edge), including 12 trial lessons for the drivers on each of Saturday and Sunday. The plan is that one instructor is dedicated to looking after and flying the visitors, with a dedicated two-seater, probably the Ka21. So club members please bear this in mind if the weather is good and there are lots of people to fly; we shall need one club glider line and one private glider line.

Gill is a T type fan, owning MG TC and TD models. Until last year I also owned one - a TF, below. It will be an opportunity to see these lovely classic cars alongside the gliding activities.

Some were disappointed that last weekend they did not know about the balloon event terminating at Aston Down on both days. But I only got the phone call mid-week from the organiser asking for help, and then it was only for briefing room facilities early morning and evening as the plan was to launch from Stroud and not come to Aston Down in balloons. As it turned out the plans changed and we had a spectacular sight of balloons arriving en masse. Next year we’ll try and give more notice…..

DGR / chairman

9 September another busy club day.

Winds forecast 110/15. Visibility 30K. Cloudbases rising during the day.

It was good to see club members arriving for the 8.15 briefing and helping get the aircraft out first thing. A few now trying to figure out what the tow out gear for the K23 and K21 might look like---some "interesting" designs were considered.

Many thanks to Pat Greer and Roger for keeping the club flying going. The K23 is very popular with pilots being converted onto it. Some soaring was achieved but not a huge amount. Over 50 launches by the end of the day.

The course progresses well with John Hammond completing the syllabus and mastering the finesse in circuit, Stephen John getting to grips with circuit planning and Lesley working on those fully held off landings. The evening briefing was stalling and IMSAFE.

Expect a foggy start tomorrow.

8 September, Day 2 of course

After a slow start due to low cloud, the new course group went on to have a busy day.

Sunny Sunday

A good day's training and local soaring, with cross country for some. Doug and Lesley set off in the DG500 to visit the Isle of Wight but didn't like the look of all that water so turned back at Portsmouth, eventually landing at Wroughton after 6.5 hours.
Several members had a first taste of the K23 and liked it.

Balloon invasion

Sometimes it is definitely worth getting up early, Those on site at 8am on Sunday were treated to a very colourful spectacle as AD was used as the landing site for a fleet of around a dozen hot air balloons participating in a competition. The balloons (including one with Simon Lucas in) had lifted off from Upton St Leonards and had had to drop markers as close as possible to crosses marked out in various fields along the way. Paul Lazenby and Tim Barnes jumped in the Falke to photograph them as they came in - the full set of photos can be seen at

Perception monitoring

The result of the recent Perception Monitoring is available in the committee minutes section or you can use this Direct link.
Many thanks to everyone who participated.
John Docherty

3 September. can we have our winch back please

Winds forecast at 330/15, visibility 30K and isolated rain showers.

The sky launch guys arrived to repair the guard on the winch. Disaster struck when the 2nd winch had a power problem and needed to be taken off line. After lots of head-scratching and rethinking, we managed to get launched by 3pm. The course guys were forced into the classroom to talk about bronze C exam stuff.

The evening group arrived at around 6 pm to take over.Sadly they walked into a slow puncture on the PW6.

Thanks everyone for pulling together to help overcome the frustrations of the day.

2 September club day

winds 3000/10, visibility 25K, cloudbases 2500, showers of rain pm.

briefing at 8.15 was well attended.

launching started a little after 9.00, and Tom Coles managed to get 2 real launch failures in succession. Colin and Sam continued to consolidate their solo flying while Richard began to master approach control. The course day ended with a briefing on thermal soaring.

Tony and Roger looked after the club operations, a number of pilots converting to the K23.

Soaring was quite good but limited by heavy rain showers and low cloud bases.

Thanks to the Wednesday team for removing the poles from the comp camping area, getting the buggy into the workshop for repair and for coming up with various ingenious ways of pouring hot water from a kettle with no handle.

A heavy rainshower at 4.30 discouraged many from staying later, those who stayed enjoyed a great early evening.

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