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1 October---great weather for the courses.

Wind 070/15, fine weather and blue thermals.

Mike Counsell got to grips with some awkward blue thermals, managing to climb to 2500ft before the strong inversion beat him. Colin continued to learn to soar the K23.

Launch failure practice all morning, while we kept a careful eye on the farmers activities, one turning the grass and the other sowing.

Many thanks again to Lesley who continued to help our small group by maintaining the logs and signalling. We were pleased to see Phil Mead, who brought the ASW19 out for an airing, just a little too late to enjoy the mid afternoon thermals.

Wednesday 30 September ---Colin gets first XCE soaring flight

Winds 090/20, 20k visibility, in the afternoon thermals to 3500ft.

A good club day with the K23 in big demand, and duty instructor tony busy all day in the K21.

Well done to Colin Stringer who managed his first soaring flight for the cross country endorsement. Colin is on his 3rd course this year and now working towards his bronze C.

Thanks everyone for a very good day.,

29 September.

Winds 100/15 visibility 20K, strong inversion at 2500ft

The grass cutters had been working overnight, so we now have a nice lawn to land on.

The Swans were also being flown down the runway, what a beautiful sight.

many thanks to Lesley for looking after the log sheets all day. And welcome to Chris power who took advantage of the pleasant flying to stay current in the K23.

The lecture was "approach control" followed by a 2:1 pie at the Weighbridge---perfeck.

28 September First day of course, lesley completes her bronze C

Winds 130/15, blue thermals to about 2500ft.

Welcome back to Stewart Rathband, Colin Stringer and Mike Counsell.

Mike Randle gave some bronze training to Martin Yates.

Colin re-soloed and Lesley Waters passed her bronze C exam and therefore her bronze C. Well done Lesley.

25 September Graham Shead goes solo and a good cross country day

Light winds, and cloudbases rising to 4000ft with good 6 knot thermals

Mike Oliver set off on a 300 and managed to get away before any of were able to just stay airborne. Well done mike.

Mike Weston,looked after J Keegan who was here for a one day course.

Many thanks to Lesley for her assistance on the course.

It was good to see Graham back after his urgent rush to take care of his wife. graham completed his basic training and went solo---very well done.

24 September---

Winds 260/25, visibility 30K and isolated showers of rain.

Well done Sam Kennett, bronze C exam passed.

Well done Lesley Waters, bronze c experience flights completed with her 20th solo.

Steve Glassett looked after 2 trial lesson visitors.

The course guys started practicing launch failures and spins. After an exhausting day it was a pie dinner at the tunnel pub.

Weather tomorrow looks more pleasant.

23 September Club day

Winds 250/15, visibility 30K. A messy weather system off to the west.

Soaring was limited to a mix of wave and thermal, broken up by the higher upper winds.

Briefing at 8.15 was well attended. first launch 9.00am---well done everyone.

The K23 was in high demand and Pat Greer was busy all day looking after the club 2 seat training.

Well done to Colin Stringer, passed bronze C exam.

The course is going well, launch failure practice now started. Sadly Graham needed to pop off home after hearing his wife had been taken to hospital, we all hope she gets well very soon.

22 September More rain, but the course goes on

Winds 340/20 vis 20K drizzle and rain to start.

Briefings started with circuit planning, trimming and winch launches. Yes it was still raining, so we moved onto Altimetry and then the weather----and then the rain stopped.

even with the late start we managed to get the flight training done, thanks again to Lesley for her assistance.

A tiring but good fun day.

21 September and the course week starts

The day was greeted by SW winds at about 15 knots, and low cloud and drizzle.

Graham Shead returns for his 2nd course this year and brought his son Neal along to find out if flying sailplanes is for him. Also welcome to Chris Blewett and Helen Chittock from Fenland GC.

Richard and his team set about various airfield chores. The work behind the scenes is seemingly endless, thanks again guys.

Thanks to Steve Glassett and Lesley Waters for all the help and support with the course.

After a morning of briefings the weather improved in the afternoon and the course flying got underway. Well done everyone, a slick operation meant a good afternoon of flying---and yes we did find one or two thermals.

2016 Standard Class and 20m 2-seater Nationals

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting the 2016 Standard Class & 20m 2-seater Nationals along with the Cotswold regionals from 18th June to 26th June 2016.

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