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11 May cloudy and drizzle, Simon completes his bronze

forecast visibility 15 K,wind 060/15, cloud bases 1500ft and showers.

Well done Simon Collier, final part of bronze tests completed.

Working between the showers proved difficult, briefings on bronze C met and principles of flight to start, and thermalling to finish.

Everyone managed to get wet today. Thanks to Tom Coles and Steve for sitting it out in the winch---just to do the occasional launch between the showers.

Richard and tom Egan managed to get the tow out gear repaired after a section fell apart, that saved us a lot of walking.

The pictures show Simon working his way around a circuit in pretty cloudy conditions, and below a serious rain shower on its way.

Lets hope for better weather tomorrow.


10 May Stephen Fletcher goes solo

The forecast was very unpromising with rain drizzle and low cloud.

Well, low cloud means cable break practice for everyone. The cloudbase went up sufficiently for Simon Collier to fly his first K21 solo flight and for Stephen Fletcher to fly solo for the first time. Well done to both of them.

it just goes to show, it can be worth putting up with the rain and sitting it out.

Many thanks to Chris Power for standing in on the winch---none of this would have happened without your help. And thanks again to David Hart for the assistance at the launch point.

9 May day one of the course

winds 090/20, visibility 25 K.

We welcome Simon Collier, Stephen Fletcher and Terry Clarke to the course. David the winch driver is away on his holiday. A slight glitch in communications meant we were without a winch driver, but the Cotswold spirit kicked in. Many thanks to Richard and Tom for getting us started and to the chairman Dave for stepping into the breach (after returning from his gliding holiday in France).

Jules and Dave Hart spent the day with us, getting our team up to speed, many thanks to them. Jules is threatening to bring his flying duvet later in the week.

Lots of practice with circuits on the east runway---just the thing.


6 May. The last day of the advanced course.

The weather a little less exciting (from a soaring viewpoint) but warm and pleasant

The day started with a rigging exercise and the ASW19 was put together ready for flight.

Adrian and Colin converted to the ASW 19 and got plenty of practice landing. Both pilots were delighted with the great handling characteristics.

Plenty of achievements this week 1 licence completed, 1 bronze C completed, everyone flew new sailplane types, 2 pilots converted to their own standard cirrus and one winter refresher completed.

So for Adrian and Colin its cross countries next, Peter just needs a 2 hour soaring flight to complete his XCE and he will be hot on their tails.

Not a bad finish point. Well done everyone.


5 May, U3A visit, motor glider cross country endorsements, silver height and loads of fun flying

winds forecast 179/15 and blue thermals.

Mike Randle, Lesley and Chris power hosted the university of the 3rd age visit. Thanks Lesley for organising this successful event.

Lee kindly brought his motor glider to Aston Down, which made it possible for Adrian Irwin to complete his licence and Pete Harvey to complete his cross country endorsement.

Andy Miller popped in to see us, Andy is the BGA Senior examiner for motor gliders. We also had a flying visit from David Jesty, a Nympsfield instructor. David lives about a mile away and was interested to see how the course members were getting on.

Well done Chris Owen for converting onto his own Cirrus---all that hard work paid off---well done. Fingers crossed for Adrian Irwin and silver height .

The evening flying group took over and flew until dusk.


4 May club day good cross country and grass cutting

The winds forecast 200/20, vis 30K and no precipitation (hooray)

The briefing was well attended, the major safety topic being how to avoid the tractors!

The club flying was underway early, with Pat Greer and roger Bagley at the helm.

A very busy launch point with many private owners taking advantage of the good weather.

Pete Harvey converted on to his Cirrus and Chris Owen migrated to the Astir. The course day ended with practical soaring tuition for pete.

Lesley popped in to ensure everything is in place for the University visit tomorrow.

by the end of the day, the grass was collected and the tractors off to another job.

Another good soaring day tomorrow.

3 May--a busy course day, and some good cross country flying

Winds forecast 270/15 with thermals rising to 4000ft QFE.

The course had a number of firsts, Chris first solo in a fibreglass sailplane, and first solo K23, Peter forst solo K23 and first solo Astir. Adrian and Colin spent their time practicing their soaring skills.

Doug Andy and Mike set off on their respective tasks and did very well.

The grass cutter provided various landing challenges, but the grass is nice and short now.


2 May---Bank Holiday weather---showers and chilly

winds forecast 280/20, and a cold front passing through early afternoon.

The first day of course no 6, welcome to Chris Owen, Pete Harvey, Adrian Irwin and Colin Stringer. All 4 are solo pilots looking to develop their skills and complete exercises for their licences.

many thanks to the Lazenby team and Alex Jones for their help getting the field operational.

Paul Lazenby test flew the K23 but the ASI failed after the launch. So it was back to the hangar and into the hands of Mike Randle.

The rain arrived after everyone had check flights, so perfect timing. sadly it persisted for a long time so it was back to the briefing room and Chris had the chance to sit the bronze C exam.

The picture shows Chris reflecting on how he managed to get the warmest job on the airfield.

Sat 30th April

Everything was ready to go before 10. A keen private fleet was already lined up and with a sky filling up with Cu, both single seater and and training launches started together. Flights into Wales for some, with Talgarth as a TP, but involved dodging the showers which became more frequent and extensive as the day went on. Some interesting local soaring for the 2-seaters; thermals were big enough and strong enough for even beginners to try a bit of soaring hands-on experience. (with a bit of guidance from the back) As the cross-country pilots returned through the rain, some coordination over the radio assisted an air-ambulance helicopter that was visiting the trial bikes just to the west of the launch point. The heli-pilot even confirming that we had a glider down in a field just short of A/D. (sorry you didn't make it Tim) Satisfying day, not as cold as expected.

29 April. The end of a windy week, cloud streets to the horizon

Winds(1000ft amsl) 280/25, isolated showers, cloud bases rising to 5000ft. Cu nims and potential thunderstorms.

Richard paid us a few visits and the shelf in the bus is fixed, he brought Tom along to help screw it up!

The pictures are "entitled will it rain?" and "Yes".

The day finished with a great flight for Chris, cloud street to the Severn arriving at 4500ft (QFE).


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