Youth takes over Cotswold GC

Saturday 24th February was swarming with teenagers. The welcome scene of initiative, activity and keenness was something to behold. We never had to ask to get gliders pushed back and manoeuvred into line after landing well down runway 09. All the other launch point tasks were equally well looked after. The instructors were grateful for coordination of all this activity by a well-known parent who was present.
There were altogether some 19 youngsters - 5 UWE members, 5 scouts and at least 5 CGC Junior members, plus 2 One Day Course participants and one or two other heavily outnumbered grown ups. Over 40 flights took place in spite of a stop for a Royal Flight and a temporary winch failure. These hold ups provided the only rest for the three instructors during what seemed a long day keeping up with all the enthusiasm.