Portmoak Expedition October 2017

This years Cotswold Gliding Club one week Autumn Trip To Portmoak Scotland took place on the 21st October. 14 pilots and 12 aircraft made the trip north in a bid to sample ridge and wave flying, the weather was kind to us and we sampled ridge and wave lift on five days with only one non flyable day.
We were joined by five aircraft from Shalbourne gliding club, which meant the airfield was very busy at times.
On Sunday Morning Christoff and Stuart Thackary had site checks and Craig Mustoe had ridge checks, with 17 visiting aircraft and numerous local aircraft the ridge was very busy, in the after noon the wave set up and a number of pilots took advantage with my self being prevented from going higher than 8000ft because of airspace and sunset fast approaching.
Monday and Tuesday morning were non flyable due to rain, on Tuesday the weather broke at lunchtime and flying started at 1400hrs, Craig endured more two seat flying on a busy ridge while several Cotswold pilots had wave flights to over 7000ft.
Wednesday started as Tuesday had finished, Craig took another two seat flight and again several pilots found wave but this time only to 5000ft, with the wind getting stronger and more turbulent flying halted at 1400hrs.
Thursday was a quieter day wind wise but wave was in the forecast, Craig took his first solo ridge flight and nearly all CGC pilots got above 4000ft.
Friday was another day with wave forecast, Craig experienced wave for the first time soaring above the clouds to over 5000ft (if only he had a logger it would have been silver height), All CG pilots sampled the wave to varying heights with myself getting to 10000ft which was the highest of the day (it did take three and a half hours to get there).
I am sure I have missed some notable flights as it was difficult to keep track while flying.
There were no great heights achieved or distances flown but a great week was had by all at a wonderful site.
The next trip is planned for the 21st April 2018, accommodation is limited so anyone interested in joining in let me know as soon as possible.

Simon Lucas