Farnborough Airspace

The proposals for a very large airspace grab by TAG Farnborough, if successful, would be a catastrophic outcome for the gliding and light aviation communities. Whilst Aston Down is not directly affected, and most CGC pilots do not venture beyond Lasham, the principle of what is could happen is important to us. Therefore I would encourage you to write a response - in measured, polite terms please - by close of play this Sunday. As it is forecast to be rather wet part of this weekend, you should have plenty of time to do this. Just look at the BGA website and follow the links for advice and guidance from the BGA on how to respond. To see how serious this matter is, and read a very high quality response, please read the attached / linked response from the Light Aircraft Association.

David Roberts
Chairman, CGC

LAA CAS Farnborough response 8 May 14.pdf