Membership Fees and Charges

2016/2017 Season

(Oct 2016 - Sept 2017)
Fixed price to solo scheme  
Includes 1st year full membership and flying fees over 2 years (minimum 45 launch fees) and maximum 100 launches to solo. £940

Please see the to solo conditions.

Annual Membership
Adult (25 or over / under 65 years) £395
Adult (65 years or over) £285
Family (subject to conditions) 15% discount on total for group
Young Adult (18-24) £197.50
Student (18 - 24 and in full time education) £150
Junior (under 18) £50.00
Country Adult (Full flying (non-country) member of another BGA club; lives > 50 miles from Aston Down) £185
Associate (up to 12 flights per year at club rates) £70
Reciprocal Members
Reciprocal members must be full flying members of a BGA club.
Reciprocal membership is free for “Rockpolisher League” club members.
£7.00 per day, £40 per 9 day week

The membership year starts on the 1st of October. Members joining in the middle of a year pay the full year's fee at the time of joining and a pro-rata discount is given for the subsequent year's membership.

Holiday Courses March & April May to August September
Bookings received on or before 28 February £440.00 £530.00 £450.00
Bookings received after 28 February and on or before 17 March £470.00 £540.00 £470.00
Bookings received after 17 March £470.00 £570.00 £470.00

Courses are 5 days starting on each Monday.

Course fees include 3 months membership, starter pack, all winch launches and soaring fees but exclude accommodation and meals.

There is a non-refundable deposit of £70 to be paid when the course is booked.

Existing club members are given a £50 discount on the course fees.

One day Courses, Trial Lessons and Guests  
One day Course £180.00
Trial Lesson - single flight £48.00
Extra winch launch flights during 3 months membership £15.00
Guest Flight (up to 4 guests per member per year) £20.00
Weekday Evening Trial Lessons  
Single flight £40.00
Groups of 10 or more £37.50
Launching and Soaring Fees
Winch Launch Refresher Training
Adult £9.60 £8.20
Under 25 £8.00 £7.20
Simulated cable break - land ahead £5.00 £5.00
Simulated cable break - 360 or abbreviated circuit £5.00 £5.00
Cable break - land ahead No charge No Charge
Cable break - 360 or abbreviated circuit No Charge No Charge
Standard 2000ft launch Varies according to tug available
Per 100ft thereafter Varies according to tug available
Soaring Fees Adult Junior
Free soaring for the first 10 minutes of flight for launches at Aston Down. All gliders have a maximum charge of 2 hours soaring (2 hours 10 minutes total time)
K23 25p 20p
Astir / ASK 13 / ASW 19 35p 25p
ASK 21 / DG500 / whether dual under instruction or solo / mutual 40p 33p
Powered aircraft landing fee (strictly PPR) £9.60

There is no landing fee for aerotow retrieves and aircraft specifically arriving for aerotows.

Facility Fees  Per day Per week Per year
Private glider facility fee (was trailer parking)     £170.00
Hangarage - main hangar & T hangars   £42.00 £420.00
Caravan parking £10.00 £50.00 £240.00
Bunk room - shared twin room £22.00 £145.0  
Bunk room - sole occupancy £15.00 £99.00  
Workshop hire £14.00 £70.00  
Aircraft hire (for off-site use and by agreement with the CFI) Per week Per day
Single Seater Summer (April - Sept) £220.00 £55.00
Single Seater Winter (Oct - March) £145.00 £36.00
Two Seater Summer (April - Sept) £270.00 £67.50
Two Seater Winter (Oct - March) £180.00 £44.50
Holiday Course, One day Course and Trial lesson entitlements
One week summer course 3 months membership and 8 further winch launched flights at £9.60 per flight plus soaring fees. 20% off Full Membership (if taken up within 3 months of the course).
One day course 3 months membership and 8 further winch launched flights at £9.60 per flight plus soaring fees. 10% off Full Membership (if taken up within 3 months of the course).
Trial Lesson (winch) 3 months membership and 8 further pre-booked winch launched flights (max 3 per day subject to duty instructor’s decision as to launch capacity) at £15 per launch plus soaring fees.

You can download a complete list of fees here.

When to Pay:

The club allows members who have their account in credit to pay their annual membership and caravan fees in two installments, the first installment on the 1st of October and the second on the 1st of April. This is to make it a little easier on the pocket for everyone. This option is only for club membership and caravan annual fee and not for any other of the annual fees payable. We respectfully ask that all club members pay their annual fees promptly.

How to Pay:

To make it easier, we have a range of options for club members to pay their fees. The following methods are available:

  • By electronic banking: Either as one off transactions or as monthly standing orders. If you wish to use this method you can get the club bank details from the office.
  • By credit or debit card: We can take payments over the phone or in person using credit and debit cards. We reserve the right to pass on credit card fees.
  • By cheque: Payable to Cotswold Gliding Club and posted in the envelopes provided into the office letterbox.
Cotswold Gliding Club is a Community Amateur Sports Club

We fully support the promotion and participation in the sport of Gliding. In order to make our sport and club as accessible as possible we are willing to be flexible in considering membership options to suit individual circumstances. To discuss these options please contact the club office.