Final results

Prize Winners

Open Class

1st 6163 Andy Davis JS-1C
2nd 5878 Russell Cheetham JS-1C
3rd 5184 Iain Evans JS-1C

Standard Class

1st 4900 Richard Hood LS8
2nd 4754 Howard Jones Discus 2a
3rd 4631 David Bromley LS8

Video from the competitions

Final Scores Updated

The final scores have been uploaded to the website.
Logger files to follow shortly

Prize giving not before 19:00

(it's at 19:00, in the briefing room)

We have finishers

Lots back from both classes over the last half an hour or so. Sure we'll see some more

First Prize Has Landed

First Prize Donated by Oregon Scientific

The first prize this year is an 'Anywhere Weather Kit' for both classes donated by Oregon Scientific.

A special delivery

Our delivery boy and his vehicle of choice

We have had a flying visit from Kim Tipple in his Nimbus who dropped in specially to hand deliver a trophy for prize giving tonight.

Standard class. Stream launch. Task echo.

1st launch not before 12:45

Standard Class task E
Open Class task 5

To the grid!!

A (paraphrased) quote from Russell Cheetham's howidunnit

"In these machines you don't have to see the thermal you're going to, you just have to hope and believe it will be there. Most of the time it probably will be"

1st launch not before 12:30

The briefing will be at 11:30

NOTAMs for 11th August

NOTAM files in OpenAir, TNP and SeeYou format can be found in the Local Rules.

Loggers will be available for collection from Control from 8.30am

At the end of today, your loggers will be available for collection from Matt at Prize Giving.

and so the final day commences...

Good morning for the very last time (well, for this year anyway).

Briefing at 10. Please grid before at the north end. Open class on the front.

Dinner Time

The bar is full, the hog roasted and the pilots fed. Most people got back and I'm sure the rest shall be joining us later.

Lots of Standards back now, and a couple of Opens too

Even a couple of non JS1s.

The Standards are getting home

and another

at Abingdon.

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