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Today's tasks have been cancelled because of the rain

Having reviewed the weather, we came to an early decision to cancel today's planned flying tasks.

The rainfall radar is showing some potentially heavy showers coming in from the South which threaten to cut off any lift that the gliders can use to get around the tasks. We didn't believe that there was enough of a gap between these showers that will let us fly for the planned distance. We're hoping the weather for tomorrow will be better.

A waiting game at the moment

We're watching the weather at the moment and the rainfall radar to see if there's going to be a big enough gap to start launching the gliders. We're looking to have a decision on when we think we'll fly or not shortly but we're ready in either case.


Welcome to our blog where we will keep you updated on what's going at the competition. Being the first day of the competition, today's briefing will be rather long. After that we should have an update for you.