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Photos and videos

Briefing at 10am, flying looking likely.

Task and weather briefing starts at 10am. We're looking and hoping for some better weather today. There will be some proper pictures uploaded as well today so you're able to see our pilots and operation. We'll update you after briefing on what's going on.

Surprise Visitor

Despite the pour weather earlier in the day, this evening turned out to be pleasant. We had a Pitts fly here from nearby Nympsfield to say hello and left with a few speedy passes. Always a pleasure to see the aircraft turn up for the evening.

Sunday flying cancelled

Because of incoming rain (again) with the possible chance of lightning and hail, we have decided to cancel the tasks for all competitors today as well. We were hopeful that it would miss us but it has been decided that it's not worth the risk. Competitors are now dismantling the gliders to keep them safe in their trailers whilst the rain comes through. More tasks will be planned for tomorrow but there won't be any competition flying again today unfortunately.

Only flying days counts as a "day", hence why the competition started yesterday and today is still Day 1.

Day 1 Briefing update

Briefing started late this morning but it's still full. Gliders have been set out on the South side of the runway though it's currently raining... again. Minimum distance tasks have been set for all classes because of the rain and short windows of opportunity. We'll keep you updated after briefing.

Good morning on Sunday

Good morning. We're possibly looking at setting up the gliders on the runway this morning in preparation for a possible period of good weather later on though rain and showers might cut off play again today. We're remaining optimistic and will have another update for you at around 10:30.