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Photos and videos

Welcome to Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the Cotswold Nationals 2017. Currently, we're looking at a window of weather over Wales where we might be sending the gliders tomorrow. Right now it's still too early to say where exactly we're going to send pilots but we're reasonably confident at this time that today will be a nice day. We'll give you an update around the time of our briefing.

Hello to Paragliding National Championships pilots

A big hello to pilots from the Paragliding National Championships who came to visit us today to see how the two competitions differ.

All pilots have been accounted for now and so the pictures should start coming through in the next couple of hours. The pilots through up towards Wales. We're waiting for all of the log traces to be sent back and verified before we publish the winners - hopefully won't be long.

Most are back

Sorry for the delayed response. A fair number of gliders have returned but 18 are still yet to finish their tasks and land back.

The grid is launching

The sun has come out. All gliders are launching. We'll give progress updates shortly.

Gridded but waiting for the weather

Good afternoon. We're waiting for a good gap in the weather now to be able to launch all gliders safely. There's not a lot we can do now other than just wait for the conditions we need. We'll keep you updated further but the first launch isn't likely to be until 13:00.