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Photos and videos

Second briefing at 12:00

Briefing delayed until 12:00 pending another weather check. There may be clearer air by around 4pm though it may not be enough for us to launch all of the gliders.

Day 3 begins

The Cotswold Nationals Day 3 begins today. The morning briefing is at 11am (there's a fair bit of rain about) and there's no rush to get gliders out yet. The director is still looking as to whether or not any reasonable weather comes in behind it.


We might be experiencing a thunderstorm soon (hopefully not). Most gliders are back now. Evening entertainment is in the form of beer tasting tonight. Weather for tomorrow is looking much the same as now so I expect there'll be no flying tomorrow.

Day 2 off to a great start

Day 2 is off to a good start with everyone starting, only glider 01 has landed back. 620 had a relight but everyone else got away and started in good time. Here are a few pictures from the grid today. We'll be off to the finish line soon to welcome the finishers. The first ones are likely to come back within half an hour.