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Photos and videos

More rain due, 15s & Standards cancelled.

More rain is on the way. The Cotswold Nationals 15m and Standard classes have been cancelled on Day 3. The Open class is still on the longer task A whilst the 20m Multi-Seat are on shorter task B. We're holding off until 13:45 to give the next update as we will continue to watch the weather as it develops.

First launch not before 13:00. Rain! (And direction details)

There's some rain due to come through at the moment. We won't be launching the grid before 13:00 but it is possible that it will be later. The grid will be visible from the A419 so if you drive past, you will see us on the main runway. Directions to the Cotswold Nationals are here:

Cotswold Nationals Day 3 (Thursday)

The Cotswold Nationals Day 3 will hopefully begin again today. We're having a look at the weather at the moment as there is a high possibility of rain. We haven't told the pilots to put their gliders on the runway yet as we're having to monitor the rain. We'll let you know what happens after briefing and we'll have some more pictures from the last few days.

Day 3 scrubbed

All classes for today have been cancelled due to poor weather conditions. There will be no flying from competition gliders today. Tomorrow's briefing will be at 10:00. Pictures from the last two days to come later today.

Day 3 update and Day 2 winners

Briefing will not be at 12 as advertised. We are waiting for weather updates and will keep you updated through twitter. Day 2's winners of the Cotswold Nationals 2017 are as follows:

John Meyer, Duo Discus, 802 - 20m Multi-Seat - 98kph
Owain Walters, Ventus 2a, Y - 15m Class - 107kph
Russell Cheetham, JS1, E1 - Open Class - 112kph
Dave Bromley, LS8, F1 - Standard Class - 102kph