2015 blog

1st launch not before 12.30

If you're planning to tweet, Instagram and otherwise be social, useful hashtags are #ukjuniorgliding #ukjg #cotswoldcomps

1st launch not before 12
Tasks have been set

Juniors are on a 156.5km jaunt round the Cotswolds to the north east, via Andoversford and Chipping Warden, with a control point at Camp.

The Regionals are essentially on the same task, but with a separate start point at Stroud East. Their task is 155.7km

1st launch not before 11
Fly past at 9

by Yoshi Muroya of Red Bull Air Racing

Bacon baps are go!

Breakfast is available from 7.30 to 9.30 in the tower

Morning campers

What a grey day! No worries, we have plenty to do. Briefing at 9.30, please grid before briefing.

Gridding for Day 1

In the morning, there is a strong chance we will be gridding before briefing.

The grid list is in the entrance porch of the clubhouse. Please take a note of your row ID because this will be yours for the week. Lowest numbers at the front, biggest letters at the back, 3 gliders per row.

It doesn't matter which place you have, first one in takes the space furthest away (to leave space for the others when they arrive). The markers will be out in good time in the morning.