2015 blog

We've scrubbed!

Whatever you're up to between now and then, please remember to come back for the Challenge Cup at 8pm in the Bar

Briefing news

No tasks have been set.

Winners: Tim Clark insisted that Gordon the P2 explained how they did it, which mainly involved going north to stay out of the rain and finding combine harvesters in sunny fields because they were kicking off bubbles. Tim thanked the Juniors for marking where the duff weather was.

Rhoan Birch in the Juniors started as soon as he could because of the forecast. Having had a good run out, forgot about the showery sector but turned downwind anyway. Pushed out into the blue after going north of track, got a few climbs in the blue and managed to come back with lots in hand, having forgotten that he set up to have 600' in hand anyway.

Dick of the Day. There were surprisingly few candidates, until Saz realised that having to use a water ballast pump to start drying her tent out left her in the firing line. Shortly afterwards, there were many candidates, but one clear winner. Alex Harris. It was a quite a long story, involving a car that won't start (pre-known dodgy starter motor), a crew who hasn't been briefed on how to crew, and failing to ask the farmer how to get out of the field. Fortunately this didn't quite result in a burnt out clutch, but it all would have been easier if they had just used the access road at the bottom of the hill...

Champagne moment: Yesterday was challenging. Many people went over and above with several people going on more than one retrieve. Julia Robson stepped in to help out in Control, so there will be a 'Cake moment'. The actual winner was Ben Dews, because yesterday was both his 21st birthday and his first ever competition day.

It's getting wetter

People keep running into the building and they seem to have been caught out by the quantity of water falling out of the sky. At least Brian has the foresight to wear a coat... unlike Andrew

SD cards etc are in Control and available for collection
SD cards and T-shirts

SD cards etc will be brought to your table at briefing by Alison. If you don't get yours back then, come to Control after briefing.

T-shirts will be available from Estela in Control after briefing

It seems to be getting darker...
Day 2

Good morning. It's Sunday and the weather forecast is such that there's really no need to rush about (as I've just told the pilot who has phoned Control from his tent to ask if he needs to get out of bed yet).

Briefing at 10. Don't grid yet.

We will let you know the time of the de-brief, just as soon as we know.

Meanwhile, here's a pic of the sky from about half an hour ago...

Found! Sun glasses

Yours? They're in the Comp Office. Describe them correctly to claim them.

What an afternoon!

5 Juniors, 4 Hors Concours pilots and 1 Regional pilot got round - which you might have already worked out from the emerging results on Soaring Spot. The automatic publication of results to this website isn't, but we'll fix that as soon as we can.

A high proportion of pilots didn't have crews, but people have mucked in to rescue one another with some people going on more than one retrieve. Many people have got drenched. This is why we all like gliding competitions. We're looking forward to the retrieve stories... Probably lot's of candidates for both the Dick if the Day and the Champagne Moment.

Land outs and other news

We've go them launched, but by the time we hurtled back to the Tower on the golf buggy, people had already started landing out. Meanwhile the guys up at the front have just turned the top turn so should be romping home soon. Is it time for lunch yet?!