2015 blog

1st launch not before 15.00
1st launch not before 14.40
It's raining

Posted from under an Astir wing. Picture is of a different view, posted by the CGC Webmaster


Task E for both classes. First launch not before 14.20. Task E is Aston Down - Badminton - Northleach - Elkstone S - Aston Down Finish N. 91.5km.

Sniffer launched

Says cloudbase is 1700 qfe and it's raining.

1st launch not before 14.00
New tasks

Both classes have been briefed on tasks D and E. If you don't have a sheet yet, ask Alison or Brian ASAP

Re-brief at the front of the grid at 12.45pm
1st launch not before 12.30

Message for pilots and crews: please compress the grid


Morning! It's raining at the moment, but it is due to stop by around 9.

Briefing will be at 11. Please rig and grid at the north end before briefing.

Pilots with wooden gliders may prefer to grid after briefing.