2015 blog

Fallback further

Both classes Task C, 1st launch not before 14.00


1st launch not before 13.30.

Both classes are now on Task B

1st launch not before 13.00
1st launch not before 12.30
1st launch not before 12.00

and (as briefed) please desist from driving across the very wet landing area, unless you are towing a glider.

Request for a spare Oudie or similar

Two of the competitors are keen to borrow an Oudie or something that will fulfil the same function. If you can help them out, please let Control know.

Time of 1st launch not before 11.30am
Briefing news

The synoptic chart is showing many fronts and to quote Brian 'has a bit of a low look about it'. The showers are likely to be more concentrated in the Severn Valley, so the tasks have been set up the Cotswolds to the north and then east towards Northampton. For both classes, Task A is 200k, B is 150k and C is 100k.

In case you haven't already investigated the rest of the site, the 'current' task is listed under 'Results' unless we've been busy re-briefing, getting the task sheets to pilots and getting them airborne, in which case, we'll publish as soon as things calm down.

Thursday Day 2

Good morning!

Let's try this again... Briefing at 10.00. Please grid before briefing, at the north end.

Scrub a dub dub

The competition day is scrubbed. Launches are available but will not come out of the allocation of free launches for pilots in the Junior Championships.