2015 blog

1st launch not before 11.15
Dry tents and blue skies
The task sheets are out

and the one pilot already in the hangar programming himself is complaining about having to refold his map.

The loggers and cards are available from the front of briefing. There are loads left. Next stop Ebay...

Loggers are available to collect from Control until 9.30am
Good morning and welcome to Day 3!

and it's looking glorious out there

Briefing will be at 10.00. Please grid at the north end, before briefing. The markers are being put out as I type.

BGA two seaters and Regionals will stream launch

at the end of the Juniors

It's happening

Day 2 launch is underway

1st launch will be at 14.45
1st launch not before 14.30

However! We may go then

The snif(t)er is being prepared for launch