2016 final results

20m Multi-Seat Nationals

Pts CN Pilot Glider
1 440 BW Andy Davis Arcus T
2 434 291 Kim Tipple Arcus T
3 398 DI Peter Hurd Duo Discus XT

Standard Class Nationals

Pts CN Pilot Glider
1 634 104 George Metcalfe ASW 28
2 559 6 Howard Jones Discus 2a
3 556 F1 David Bromley LS 8

Cotswold Regionals

Pts CN Pilot Glider
1 178 CUS Weston & Briggs Arcus T
2 157 265 Paul Wright Nimbus 2
3 115 841 Graham Drury ASW 27
The week in one image
Day 2

We're launching from the south end today so nothing much to see on the webcam apart from a pig roast being set up.


it's not that good. Everyone has retreated to the tower.

Not Day 2

Weather is looking quite good for today. The grid is at the north end so you can see it on the webcam. See here for live updates.