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Having had the donations for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance counted, we are pleased to announce that we raised just shy of £800 for them over the course of the competition. On behalf of the Cotswold Nationals, I'd like to thank everyone who donated.

That concludes the Cotswold Nationals for 2017. The weather wasn't great but we had some good competition flying from all competitors. Our first place winners for the four classes are as follows:

Standard: Dave Bromley - 1170 points
15m: Matthew Cook - 1159 points
20m Multi-Seat: Jon Meyer - 1462 points
Open: Andy Davis - 1484 points

Congratulations to all of the class winners and pilots and on behalf of everyone, I'd like to say a big thank you to the competition team and directors who made the week as good as it could be with the weather we had.


Today has been very showery and competitors have struggled. 11 did not fly, 16 have landed out, 25 landed back and one (E1) finished.

Our final day

The Cotswold Nationals 2017 is on its final day. We're looking at launching the grid soon. Brian our Director is going flying to look at the conditions. Time to see if we can get a final competition day in before more rain shuts us off.

E1 gives it a go

The open class were scrubbed after launch. Most competitors have landed back apart from a couple who are still airborne locally and E1 who is now on the third leg.

All classes cancelled

Unfortunately we have decided to cancel all tasks for today. The weather conditions weren't as good as advertised though some gliders are continuing on the task. They won't be scored in the competition. A few competitors have returned to the airfield.